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These 24 Shower Thoughts Are Perfect For Your Hinge Profile

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A lot hinges (pun intended) on finding the perfect responses for Hinge’s “A Shower Thought I Recently Had” prompt. Hinge has branded itself as the dating app designed to be deleted. In fact, according to a 2020 study from The Knot, around 12% of last year’s newlyweds who found each other online said they met on Hinge — a 9% increase from the previous year. This means there might just be three quips, questions, or facts between you and your future lifelong partner, if you’re looking for one. No pressure!

Anything can be a shower thought, really, but the best ones are forgotten factoids, technical truths, and questions that have you second-guessing everything you thought you knew. If your shower thoughts tend to sound something more like, “I have so many emails I need to answer today,” or, “What am I doing this weekend?” or even just, “Oh no, I’m starting to run low on soap,” this might not be the best prompt for you. Or — hear me out — you can just find a response that best fits your personality. No judgement!

Here are some shower thoughts you can borrow, many courtesy of Tumblr and r/ShowerThoughts on Reddit. I’d never encourage bending the truth on a dating app, but even though these mysteries, thoughts, and weird truisms aren’t exactly your own, you’ll definitely find yourself ruminating over them during your next shower, anyway. So... loophole?

Facts & Observations

If you’re looking to stick to something simple or cute, think of a fact — or even a basic observation — that you always find yourself randomly remembering. Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Every morning, billions of alarms go off at exactly the same time.
  2. How many people have I met during my lifetime?
  3. Why are humans the only animals that blush?
  4. How many times does a person’s heart beat?
  5. Every mirror is sold used.
  6. Hugs can reduce stress, so they technically help you live longer.
  7. The sun we see is the same sun everyone throughout history has seen.
  8. What if you initiated a chain of yawns that has been going on for years?
Questions & Conversation Starters

The worst Hinge answers are the ones that make it impossible to start a real conversation. Some of these shower thoughts are weirder than others, but all of them might get your matches thinking. (And hopefully, messaging!)

  1. Why does every song sound better when you aren’t expecting to hear it?
  2. When will we start calling the 2020s the ’20s?
  3. If your calculator had a history, would it be more or less embarrassing than your browser history?
  4. Why don’t we ever send ourselves flowers?
  5. Dogs understand some words, but we don’t understand any barks. Are they actually smarter than we are?
  6. Is grilled cheese with tomato just another form of pizza?
  7. The calendar app on your phone is technically also a dating app.
  8. Was the concept of shower thoughts first invented in the shower?
  9. If you can’t drink coffee without milk or sugar, do you actually like coffee?
Conversation Starters About Niche Interests

You don’t want a boring profile, do you? Here are some more observations, facts, questions, and conversation starters — but these might be just a bit more out there.

  1. How many times have I come into contact with a murderer?
  2. Do bots ever have conversations with each other?
  3. You’re more likely to have sex dreams if you sleep face-down.
  4. Meghan Markle could play herself on The Crown.
  5. Why does bread go into the toaster a slice, and come out a piece?
  6. Why isn’t a group of squid called a squad?
  7. Within five minutes of a dream ending, 50% of it is typically forgotten.

No matter what you actually think about in the shower, make sure your answer to this prompt is something that can get a conversation going, and that showcases your personality! That way, you're attracting matches who you have things in common with, so you can get to the "deleting" part ASAP.