22 Photos Of BTS & Their Pets That’ll Make Your Heart Burst

BTS is constantly traveling across the world for various performances and appearances, yet they still manage to find time out of their busy schedules to be dedicated pet owners. Even when RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook can't physically be present with their pets, distance doesn't stop them from making sure their animals are safe and sound. While the members are away for an event, they temporarily leave their pets with family members and check in with them through video calls. The members are obviously total softies when it comes to their pets, and they can't help but share the love with fans on Twitter. These 22 photos of BTS and their pets will make your heart burst with fondness.

Full disclosure: Not every photo includes BTS with one of their actual pets. Some pictures show BTS interacting with animals they don't actually own, but that's because BTS' love for animals is so great that whenever the guys see any animal, they can't help but give it attention. No matter if it's a dog, cat, deer, or bird, BTS loves animals all the same. Luckily, the group loves sharing pictures with fans online, so the BTS ARMY has these photos of BTS with animals to swoon over.

Entertainment — 22 Photos Of BTS & Their Pets That’ll Make Your Heart Burst

1. Peekaboo! Meet RapMon

OG ARMYs know RM's previous moniker was "Rap Monster," or "RapMon" for short. The funny thing is, RM liked his nickname so much he named his dog RapMon, too. (I bet that got confusing, sometimes.)

2. Aka The Most Gorgeous Dog You'll Ever See

Just like his father, RapMon is a natural when it comes to posing for the camera.

3. RM And RM

Unfortunately, getting your dog to pose for the camera doesn't work out every time.

4. Jin's Dog, Jjanggu

It's hilarious when dogs do the exact opposite of what you want them to do, right? Unfortunately, Jin revealed in September 2017 that Jjangu passed away after 12 years with his family, but, clearly, he left Jin with so many beautiful memories.

5. Attack On Bangtan (Or Yaem Nyaem?)

Yaem Nyaem may not be RM's dog, but the pup definitely took a liking to him.

6. Jin Loves The Zoo

There's nothing like a nice trip to the zoo, where, for just a few moments, you can pretend you have a pet ostrich. Jin sure made the most of it.

7. Jin’s Unconventional Pet

Jin definitely casts a wide net when it comes to the animals he loves. He made an unconventional choice with his pet sugar gliders.

8. Jin’s Pet What?

What's a sugar glider, you ask? Well, it's a nocturnal, gliding possum.

9. Jimin And His Calico Cat

While in Malta for Bon Voyage 3, Jimin took some pictures with a cat he saw near the water.

10. Tannie And Friends

V's dog, Yeontan, aka Tannie, looks so small and soft that he blends right in with this box of stuffed animals.

11. Simba And Tannie

Luckily, V doesn't have to leave Tannie behind whenever he hangs out with his friend Park Seojoon, because the actor also has a pup named Simba, who is as happy and playful as little Tannie.

12. Well-Behaved Tannie

Tannie knows a lot of tricks, like how to sit, give his paw, and even how to pose for the camera. Now that's a talented dog.

13. Like Father, Like Son

V often refers to his dog as "Kim Tannie" because he considers his dog a member of his family. This video shows just how alike Tannie and V are to each other.

14. Tannie’s Meant For The Camera

Truly, a more photogenic dog does not exist.

15. Tannie With His Uncle Hobi

Tannie is basically the eighth member of BTS, so all the boys shower him with love.

16. Tannie With Uncle Jimin

All the members know how to make Tannie show off his tricks, especially Jimin.

17. Tannie With Uncle Jin

Honestly, sometimes I wish I was Tannie so I could get this much lovin' from BTS.

18. Suga’s Toy Poodle Min Holly

Min Holly does not make nearly enough appearances on Twitter, if you ask me.

19. Cuddle Time

But when he does make an appearance, it's when he's cuddling with Suga, and I highly approve of that content.

20. Jimin Can’t Just Pass By A Cat

When Jimin sees a cat, he stops to pet it. These are the rules.

21. Hey, Mickey, You’re So Fine

J-Hope's white and brown Shih Tzu is giving Tannie a run for his money for the title of cutest BTS dog.

22. Mickey And His Mickey Pillow

Mickey growling cutely next to a pillow with his face on it was one of the highlights of 2019, honestly.