Send Your Partner These Holiday Sexts To Jingle Their Bells

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'Tis the season to be horny, which means it's the perfect time to send your partner a holiday sext. (With their enthusiastic consent, of course.) As frost forms on the ground and Jack Frost nips at your nose, you'll want to find creative ways to keep your lover warm this winter. Fuzzy slippers, crackling fireplaces, and piping hot cider make for great starts. But you can also get your partner feeling another type of hot with some festive, dirty wordplay.

Whether you include include a holiday lewd or keep your sexting strictly literary, Christmas provides ample opportunities for naughty puns and sugarplum imagery. Here are 22 sext ideas that'll remind your partner of the true meaning of Christmas: generosity. Yours, of course.

1. Wanna make it a not-so-silent night?

2. I can show you what a ho-ho-ho I can be.

3. So, have you been naughty or nice this year?

4. I want to ride you like a reindeer.

5. You should come over and stuff my stocking.

6. I can think of a few things to do to make this Yuletide gayer.

7. Let’s make sure we cross something off your wishlist tonight.

8. Your special present is inside my box.

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9. I’d like to see your North Pole.

10. Come over and lick my candy cane?

11. Just want you to know I’ve been extra naughty this year and I deserve to be punished.

12. I can show you my snowballs, if you’d like.

13. Christmas only comes once a year, but you certainly won't if you invite me over.

14. I’d like to go up your chimney.

15. Want to be my little holiday helper?

16. I have a really big present waiting for you at my place.

17. You know, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas... if you catch my drift.

18. I’d like to eat your Christmas cookies.

19. Is your name Jingle Bells? Because I’m ready to go all the way.

20. I could make you extra jolly tonight.

21. Jack Frost might be nipping at your nose, but I want to nip somewhere else.

22. If you keep sending me these hot photos, Santa won’t be the only one coming to town.

Keep these sexting ideas on hand and you'll be well equipped to have a merry little Christmas.