21 Tweets About Fezco That Will Make 'Euphoria' Fans Say "Same"

As of June 17, HBO's new drama series Euphoria is only two episodes in, and it's already been a wild ride. The show's multiple storylines follow a group of teens facing dark, dramatic, and often downright depressing issues, anchored by the main character and narrator, Rue (played by Zendaya), whose main battle is her drug addiction. But while drugs are a source of pain and isolation for Rue, her drug dealer, a high school dropout named Fezco, is actually a source of comfort and protection for fans. And these tweets about Fezco from Euphoria show that his character has quickly become a fan-favorite on the show, for a number of reasons.

Played by newcomer Angus Cloud, Fezco, or Fez for short, isn't the stereotypical, exploitative drug dealer that you typically see on TV. Sure, he makes his money selling illegal substances to people (who are mostly minors, from what audiences have seen so far), but it is evident that he truly cares about at least one of his clients. When Rue comes back from rehab at the start of the series, Fezco is hesitant to resume selling to her, hoping that she would try to stay sober. His protectiveness over her really comes out in Episode 2, when a dangerous supplier named Mouse comes around and pressures Rue into trying (and, more importantly to the supplier, purchasing) the dangerous narcotic fentanyl. When Rue, in her drug-induced haze, admits that she only has $2, Mouse says that she could pay him off in other ways, insinuating rape. Audiences see Fezco's hand inch toward a gun he has stashed in his couch cushions, but ultimately, he is able to pay off Mouse with his own money, and then he spends the rest of the night taking care of Rue while the drug makes its way out of her system.

Though Fezco's profession is problematic, fans on Twitter can't ignore his kindhearted nature, especially toward Rue. Read on for proof.

It doesn't hurt that fans think he's also easy on the eyes. Cue the thirst tweets.

Viewers have also pointed out the resemblance between Fezco and Mac Miller, which makes the Episode 2's fentanyl scene especially poignant, considering Miller died from an accidental overdose on fentanyl and cocaine in 2018, according to The New York Times.

Due to the dangerous nature of his job, and the high-stakes, ominous vibe of the show overall, some fans are worried about Fezco's safety, and they have made it clear that he must be protected at all costs.

Many fans are wondering how Fezco and Rue's friendship will pan out, especially if Rue continues to make risky, drug-related decisions. Some even wonder if Fezco has romantic feelings for his favorite client, even though he has already said she is like a little sister to him.

Only time will tell whether there's something more to Fezco and Rue's relationship. For now, fans are happy enough to see him as a positive force in Rue's life, even if he is the one that supplies her with drugs. Nobody's perfect, right?

Euphoria airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.