21 Dirty Texts To Send When You Literally Cannot Study For Finals Anymore

by Jamie Kravitz + Stocksy/Good Vibrations Images

Cramming for college finals could honestly be an Olympic sport. Successfully prepping for cumulative exams and timed essays takes the practice and precision of a trained athlete. There are many different strategies for achieving an A, but not everyone can get that gold medal — I mean star. Even Olympians take breaks every now and then, and they reportedly have a lot of sex up there in the Olympic Village. If making time for hookups is the key to reaching your goals, maybe all you need is to take a quick break. These dirty texts to send instead of studying for finals might be just the answer you were looking for — and it's not one you'll find in your notes.

If you find yourself reading the same paragraph over and over again in your textbook, you probably need a distraction from finals prep. And what better way to get your mind off your grades than to sext your FWB, significant other, or campus crush? In the spirit of finals season, here are 21 dirty texts to send when you literally cannot study anymore. After all, some textual flirtation could be exactly what you need to get yourself off... of the couch and into the library, that is.

1. I need help prepping for my anatomy test. Can I practice on you?

2. Here's a fun study tactic we can try: For ever answer you get right, I'll remove an article of clothing.

3. I'm looking for evidence to support my thesis that college students are avid sexters. Can you send some my way?

4. I can't think of anything harder than finals... can you?

5. Here's a math problem I bet you can help me with: What happens when you add me and you together, and subtract our clothes?

6. Forget your class notes. I've got something else for you to study. [Insert sexy photo.]

7. To be honest, I don't really need to study for my finals. I'd happily take the D.

8. If my final exam was on sexting, I'd be at the top of the class.

9. If you want some real-life inspiration for your human sexuality class, I'm your girl.

10. Speaking of literature, I've been reading the Kama Sutra in my spare time.

11. Want to come over and not study together? I'm sure we can find some other way to entertain ourselves.

12. If it were up to me, I'd give you extra credit just for being so hot.

13. There's nothing sexier to me than someone who gets good grades.

14. Can you forward me that study guide as a DTF? Whoops, I meant PDF!

15. Want to engage in some sextracurricular activity?

16. I've got a few ideas for how to release all that pent up energy we have after a long day of studying.

17. When you ace that test, what do you think your reward should be?

18. We should probably exchange notes from that lecture on sexual innuendo in Romeo and Juliet.

19. If you're not studying, I can think of a better use for that desk.

20. I can be your tutor... in the bedroom, that is.

21. Finals is my least favorite F word. Can you guess which one's my favorite?

Taking short breaks in between subjects is a great strategy to use when prepping for exams. It's perfectly fine to have a little fun with it (you are in college, after all). Just make sure you don't get so carried away with sexting that you blow off studying altogether. Because believe it or not, failing a class isn't a turn-on.