21 Photos Of 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Weddings That Are Unbelievably Magical

If there’s one franchise that truly defines my childhood years, it’s Harry Potter. I grew up on the stories of Ron, Harry, and Hermione, and I used to dream about the day I’d get my Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail. No matter how much time passes, I’ll always feel a connection to the world J.K. Rowling created. And I’m not the only one — these photos of Harry Potter-inspired weddings will make any OG fan believe in magic again.

One of the defining characteristics of the Harry Potter universe is Rowling’s unbelievable attention to detail. From spells to potions to secret societies, she thought of every single facet of that mysterious world. It makes total sense that the theme works well for a wedding — what other chance is there to incorporate so many tiny, intricate details into an event? Some couples bond over their love for all things Harry Potter, and they decide to work the stories into their wedding day. It’s no small feat to make your wedding feel like a day at Hogwarts, but these photos will remind you of everything you ever loved about the Harry Potter series. Looking at them brings me right back into the pages of those books, anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

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Dating — 21 Photos Of 'Harry Potter'-Inspired Weddings That Are Unbelievably Magical

1. Custom Jackets

This couple had jackets painted with “Mrs.” on the back in the signature Harry Potter lettering. They’re also pictured sharing their specialty cocktail here — vegan butterbeer.

Ivash Photography

2. Ravenclaw Nails

Not only did this bride have a Ravenclaw-colored engagement ring, but she also had the Ravenclaw diadem design on her nails for the big day.

Samantha Simone Photography

3. Tom Riddle’s Diary

Tom Riddle’s diary, one of the seven horcruxes, can also double as a guest book for people to sign.

Samantha Simone Photography

4. Sorting Hat

A sorting hat at a wedding? I love this quirky idea to bring the books to life during the ceremony. My real question is… did both members of the couple get sorted into the same house?

Preston Smith Photography

5. Themed Signs

For a whimsical touch, these wedding reception signs match an antique, Hogwarts-looking vibe.

Samantha Simone Photography

6. Four House Flags

Decorating your reception venue to look like the Hogwarts Great Hall? Yes, please — this couple has the details down pat. The four house flags line up on the ceiling behind them.

Paul Fiorella

7. Owls

Hold onto your hats — these brides had literal owls at their ceremony. Owls! Don’t ask me how they pulled this off, but the resulting photos look super whimsical.

Kassandra Donaldson

8. Book Page Bouquets

These handmade bridal bouquets are colored to match the four houses… and the best part? They’re made using pages from the Harry Potter books.

Samantha Simone Photography

9. Hogwarts Common Rooms

Many of the Hogwarts common rooms were decorated with old rugs and comfy pillows, so this couple used that imagery as inspiration for their outdoor decor.

Samantha Simone Photography

10. Great Hall Reception

OK, is it just me, or is this reception area a dead ringer for a Hogwarts dinner scene? This wedding transported guests right into the book series with the candles, long tables, and four house flags.


11. Wizarding World Sign

This adorable sign points out some of the most famous landmarks in the Harry Potter universe. Plus, the owl on top is a cute finishing touch!

Daffodil Waves Photography

12. Folded Book Pages

This couple used a Harry Potter book as part of their engagement, an idea that could easily be used for a wedding reception as well. The book was folded to spell out the words "Marry Me?" — and it also makes a great table centerpiece.

Ivory & Oak Photography

13. ‘Always’ Banner

One of the most famous lines from the Harry Potter books is when Severus Snape speaks the word “Always” to Dumbledore to explain his lasting love for Harry’s mother, Lily. This couple incorporated the word into the backdrop of their decor.

14. Deathly Hallows Bouquets

This bride designed Deathly Hallows wreaths for her bridesmaids to carry as bouquets. Plus, they incorporate all the color combinations of the four Hogwarts houses.

15. Punny Cookies

These Harry Potter themed cookies are almost too beautiful to eat. With Quidditch puns and themed detailing, they perfectly capture the fun of the celebration.

16. Bridal Sneakers

Adding a Harry Potter quote to her shoes was a perfect finishing touch for this bride. She inscribed her wedding date with the words, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

17. Golden Snitch Cake

Have you ever seen a cuter wedding cake? This lovely, simple design is accented with a golden snitch topper and the couple’s names in custom lettering.

18. Hat and Wands

The sorting hat takes center stage once again in this photoshoot, along with wands for the bride and groom. Safe to say the spell-binding feelings were real this day.

19. Gryffindor Cake

This Gryffindor-themed cake is all about Harry — from the glasses to the golden snitch to his famous wand. The “Always” detail is a classic from the books, and also a sweet sentiment for any wedding day.

20. Crossing Wands

Another wand photo, combined with the bride’s unique black-and-white dress, make for a truly bewitching combination.

21. Signature Cocktails

For a little extra dose of magic, you can put together a Harry Potter themed menu. This gorgeous chalk sign highlights drinks like "Polyjuice Potion" and "The Phoenix."

Have you ever seen a group of photos more enchanting? While I might never get my Hogwarts letter, these weddings make me feel like I could be transported into the wizarding world any day now. And really, that’s enough to remind me of life’s true magic — the commitment of lifelong love.