20 Women Describe The Last Sext They Sent, & Hello, It's Hot In Here

Have you ever sexted someone? Have you wanted to? Maybe you'd be into it, but you aren't really sure what to say. I mean, I totally get it. Sometimes the best way to understand the appeal of anything sexual, including sexting, is to hear a firsthand account from people who have actually done it. So, I asked women to describe the last sext they sent, not only because their stories can serve as inspiration for your own sext-y shenanigans — which of course they can — but also because it's hot hot hot.

Is sexting graphic and intense, or is it more lighthearted and flirty? Is it sending nudes, or just a series of eggplants and peaches? The answer, judging by the stories these women shared, is all of the above and more. There is no one way to sext; it really is something very personal and totally different from person to person. It can be anything from photos, to explicit instructions of what they have planned for bae later, to just a suggestive joke to start setting the mood. But enough of my analysis — let's see what these women said about their most recent sext, in their own words.

1. Some women preferred to paint a picture with, well, pictures.

Eva Plevier/Stocksy
I sent him a pic of my feet.



A pic + I told him which particular sex act I was looking forward to the most the next time we hung out.


3. Others were more direct.

“I want to sit on your face”



“Tonight you can be as needy as you want."

Francesca*, 25


“I want you to start slow, with your hands on my hips sliding me in and out of you, so I’m still being teased, only getting just a taste of you.”

Annabelle*, 24


Leandro Crespi
“I want to ride you, moving in circles around your c*ck, and just ever so gently rubbing my clit against you.”

Mia*, 27


“F*ck I want you to feel how wet I am. I want you to be f*cking me and reaching around to play with my boobs.”

Haley, 25


"I’d start rocking my hips, instantly moaning because you feel so good, then I’d start riding you hard.”

Megan*, 25


“Golden Rod of Pussy Pleasure”



“I feel it comin, babe”



Ani Dimi/Stocksy
My FWB about five years ago now. We used to have plenty of steamy texting sessions... weren’t really creative, mostly just talked about our past hookups, but we had a lot of good sex together.



Sexted an older man (17 years my senior) about giving him oral a few months back.


13. When in doubt, there were always emojis.

“👅🍆+👅🌮 💦”


14. A sexy link did the trick for some folks.

Does linking a post on Reddit of something sexual count?



I sent them a link to the NIN’s song "Closer".


16. And some women preferred to keep it light and just have fun with it.

Alto Images/Stocksy
“Come over tonight. I wanna boink you.”



Told my dom all the other funny dom names for him I came up with.



“Hey I’m free tonight, wanna bang?”



“Let's get naked together on my boat tonight.”



I sent an unbelievably stupid series of gifs detailing the things I wanted to do.., not really sexy at all but made me laugh pretty hard


I guess the real takeaway here is that there really is no wrong way to send a sext, so long as it makes you and bae feel hot AF, just like these bold ladies did.