Try Not To Fall Head Over Heels For These 20 Valentine's Day Accessories

by Stephanie Montes

I went to a private school from kindergarten to high school and wore a uniform that entire time (for those of you counting at home, that's 13 years of somebody telling me what to wear). But once in a while, there were these things called "free-dress days," when we were allowed to ditch the plaid skirts and knee-high socks for anything we wanted to wear. Needless to say, those were my favorite days of the entire year, especially on February 14. My birthday is the day before (on February 13) and my mom always treated me to new Valentine's Day fashion and accessories to wear to school. With the cutest cards (all handpicked for my classmates) and conversation hearts in hand, I always felt my best strutting into middle school with a crisp pink and red outfit.

My school days are long behind me — longer than I care to talk about — but I've made it a point to keep with the tradition of treating myself to a new Valentine's Day outfit every February. I look for anything that screams "L-O-V-E." Think: heart-shaped embellishments, kiss-print patterns, sweetheart quotes, and pink and red everything. And is it just me or does it seem that every year, the V-day merch gets better and better? Seriously, don't even get me started on the Valentine's Day beauty launches this year.

The best part is there's something in here to go with your date-night plans, no matter what they might be. Need something to wear to a fancy dinner with your Valentine? You got it. Need a galentine-friendly accessory? I found your match. Looking for something to wear on the couch for a party of one? I made sure you'd have plenty of options to choose from. Scroll down for some seriously adorable fashion and accessory picks you'll fall head over heels for.

See, true love really does exist.

The Lady-Like Love Bag

The Heartbreaker Embroidered Hat

The Fashion-Girl Tortoiseshell Heart Earrings

The Darling Two-Piece Top And Skirt

The Carry-All Heart-Shaped Bag

The Heart-Shaped Sunnies

The Patch-Work Love Jeans

The Charger You Can Count On

The Earrings That Let You Wear Your Heart On Your Ears

The Heart-Shaped Button Mini

The Negative-Space Ring

The Lace Love Earrings

The '90s-Inspired Platforms

The Perfect Date-Night Dress

The Streetstyle Socks You'll Love

The Outfit That Will Make You Love Your Workout

The Dainty Diamond Ring

The Valentine's Day Lingerie

The Luxe Love Blazer

The Cozy Cashmere Slippers

So, whether your plans include a romantic Valentine (hello, lingerie), your best galentine (here's to you, pink heart-shaped sunnies), or an indulgent dessert to cozy up to (while wearing those cozy cashmere slippers), you have plenty of options to build the perfect ensemble. Now all that's left is picking an outfit match that suits you best — and we all know how difficult that can be. Happy match-making!