These 20 tweets and memes about Google Classroom are hilariously relatable.

Google Classroom Announced Some Major Updates, & Students Responded With Hilarious Memes

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Students have 99 problems and Google Classroom is one of them. Following an announcement of upcoming updates on the educational platform, people were inspired to share their true feelings (in the form of memes) about its existing and upcoming features. From jokes about endless assignment notifications to ~losing it~ over the future Android app update, these 20 tweets and memes about Google Classroom are all about the struggles of online learning.

It's no secret the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people go to school for nearly the past year. Instead of face-to-face learning, many students and teachers are using platforms like Google Classroom and Zoom. On Wednesday, Feb. 17, the tech giant announced its updates for Google Classroom, with plenty of new features on the docket for 2021, including updates for its educational tools like Google Meet.

As of Thursday, Feb. 18, new features coming soon to Google Classroom include rich text formatting (aka the ability to bold, underline, and use other text features throughout the platform's tools), offline functionality for the Android Google Classroom, a notifications section on your phone for all your courses, and more. Most of the new features have yet to launch, but some students are lamenting upcoming changes and existing features — and they're coping with what Twitter is best used for: memes.

Whether you're in the throes of online classes or not, these tweets and memes about the educational platform are a real mood.

For some, opening up Google Classroom makes them uneasy with the seemingly endless assignments:

A ton of students are not here for the notification section on Google Classroom, which is new to the Android app:

One upcoming feature is the ability to use the Google Classrooms while offline to work on assignments, and not everyone likes the idea:

When educators allow for asynchronous learning — working at your own pace with pre-recorded information — some students find it ~difficult~ to motivate themselves:

Although private comments are not a new feature, getting one from your teacher is sometimes a real shock:

Or that feeling of panic when an assignment is not quite on time:

Some students stuck in perpetual snow days are celebrating time off from the platform, while others aren't as lucky:

Although people are roasting the platform in good fun, it looks like Google has some new features coming to improve its educational tools. Here's to bolding everything once that rich text formatting update hits!