'GOT' Fans On Twitter Are Screaming Into A Pillow After That Last Jaime & Brienne Scene

by Dylan Kickham

Game of Thrones fans lucked out again this week because Sunday night's new episode was full of major Brienne of Tarth scenes. And while some of them were surprisingly sweet and romantic, of course, Game of Thrones had to end the episode with a huge downer. These tweets about Jaime leaving Brienne on Game of Thrones show just how heartbreaking that moment was for all the fans.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4. Although Game of Thrones loves to torture its fan-favorite characters, things have actually been going pretty excellently for Brienne of Tarth in the show's final season. Earlier in the season, she got to reunite with her unlikely buddy Jaime Lannister in Winterfell, and he even did her the honor of knighting her a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite some fan predictions, Brienne also managed to survive the Battle of Winterfell, and in this week's latest episode, we see her celebrating the victory like we have never seen her celebrating before.

And as Brienne chugs wine with her buds Podrick, Jaime, and Tyrion in Winterfell's great hall, it looks like things are about to get even better for everyone's favorite knight. After Tyrion makes a rude comment about Brienne's virginity (possibly intentionally trying to get things going between her and his brother), Jaime follows her to her room and the flirty duo finally act on their attraction. At long last, fans get to see Brienne fully happy: She has fulfilled her mission to protect Sansa, defied the gendered laws to become a knight, and even nabbed the man she truly loves. But of course, nobody gets to be happy on Game of Thrones.

Brienne's fate takes a heartbreaking turn after Jaime finds out that Daenerys and her army are intent on killing his sister Cersei. Jaime tries to sneak out while Brienne is sleeping, but she catches him as he is preparing to run back to his sister/lover rather than stay with Brienne. The scene is all the more heartbreaking because Brienne begs Jaime to stay with her, and tears fill her eyes as he declares he is not a good person and rides off.

Obviously, viewers were quick to get upset at Jaime, feel for Brienne, and also question her choices in men. After all, Brienne also had a flirtation going on with Tormund for a while (well, it was more one-sided, but still). Many of the fans tweeted out how Tormund would not have treated Brienne in the disgraceful way that Jaime did. Check out all of the best tweets about Jaime's betrayal of Brienne below:

And sadly, this depressing note could actually be how Brienne and Jaime's relationship truly ends. There are only two more episodes of Game of Thrones left, and Jaime's chances of surviving just went way down now that he has decided to head down to King's Landing. And Brienne is still supposed to be staying put in Winterfell, but we will see if that happens or not next week.