ARMYs Will Never Stop Sobbing Over How Beautiful BTS' "Your Eyes Tell" Performance Was


To get fans even more hyped for the arrival of Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ than they already were, BTS dropped one of their album's b-side tracks as a sneak peek: "Your Eyes Tell." The song is a sweet ballad composed by Jungkook that will be featured in a new Japanese film of the same name this Fall. These tweets about BTS first "Your Eyes Tell" performance show fans are totally in love with the group's vocals and Jungkook's composing skills.

Ahead of their performance on July 13, BTS talked about the meaning behind the song while appearing on a Japanese television program on July 9, during which they revealed "Your Eyes Tell" will serve as the movie's OST. According to a fan translation on Twitter, Jimin described it as a "sad ballad," while RM said it "portrayed the sorrowful yet so beautiful love story of the movie."

Your Eyes Tell focuses on a love story between Kaori (Yuriko Yoshitaka), who lost her eyesight, and Rui (Ryusei Yokohama), an ex-kickboxer who comes out of retirement in order to take part in an underground fight to help pay for Kaori's eye surgery. Fans heard a few seconds of the theme song during the film's trailer, released on July 8.

Fans knew "Your Eyes Tell" was going to be emotional, but that still didn't prepare them to hear its bittersweet lyrics in full. In the track, the guys sing about longing to be with someone forever: "Why there are so many tears falling?/ Hey, stay by my side and laugh/ A future without you is a world without color/ I stare into that monochrome coldness/ Even the darkness is so beautiful."

BTS' live performance of the song only made its message more moving. Fans complimented the guys' flawless vocals and expressed how proud they were of Jungkook for helping compose the beautiful lyrics.

With the song's message being so moving, ARMYs think Jungkook's upcoming mixtape is going to hit them just as hard in their feelings.