Twitter Is Fully In Love With Ben From 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2

by Ani Bundel

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 transported the Hargreeves out of the 2010s and back 50+ years to 1963. It was a fortuitous trip for many of them, giving them a chance to start over and find a new life in a new time. But for one character, it was more than just a trip to the past. Ben Hargreeves, who had been dead for decades, finally met his soulmate and gained the courage to do the one thing he'd never been able to do before: let go. These tweets about Ben in The Umbrella Academy Season 2 are proof his ultra-personal journey through time touched millions, more than Klaus' cult ever could.

Warning: Spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 2 follow. Part of the reason Ben couldn't bear to let go of his siblings was that they never let go of him. In Season 1, no one talked about how or why Ben died, though there were broad hints he killed himself. When he was alive, Ben could channel monsters from other dimensions. While no one came out and said it, it seemed the horror of what he saw became too much.

But Season 2 put that theory to rest, flashing back to the day of Ben's funeral. It turns out, Ben died on a mission, killed by one of the bad guys the team was supposed to take down. It wasn't just a traumatic experience for the others; it was one their father, The Monocle, used against them. Ben's death was one of the original cracks, as it were, that broke the family apart.

It was also the moment Ben couldn't get past. Instead, his ghost became Klaus's constant companion, through the pain and the drugs, and, in Season 2, through time-travel and cult-building.

But Ben's choice to stay (albeit unseen by all but Klaus) helped him gain insight into his family and his own heart. He was rewarded by falling in love with cult member Jill. And though Klaus is self-centered, he was kind enough to hand over his body so Ben could spend the day hanging out with her, and getting to know her, for just a little while.

The possession gave Ben a few more moments he might never have had, like getting to talk to Diego again, and hug his sibling at least one more time.

But the real lesson Ben learned on this trip was that, after 17 years, he was ready to die. Moreover, he sacrificed himself for a good cause. Vanya was about to explode at the most inopportune moment, taking out the CIA Building in Dallas just as John F. Kennedy drove by. She'd accidentally save him from assassination by doing so. But Kennedy would declare World War III in response.

The only way to calm Vanya down was for Ben to go into her, speak spirit to spirit, and help her power down. It meant he would sacrifice his life in the process. But after 17 years of being dead anyway, he was ready.

But just as fans said goodbye to Ben, they discovered he wasn't gone after all. A new timeline had been created where he was alive, and was actually The Monocle's new Number One.

Will The Sparrow Academy, led by Ben, go to war again The Umbrella Academy in Season 3? How will the Hargreeves siblings deal with these new Hargreeves siblings? Fans are hoping the Netflix hit gets renewed for a third season so they can find out soon.