20 TV Weddings Like 'Four Weddings And A Funeral'


If you're lucky, the majority of weddings you attend in real life are for people you genuinely love and want to celebrate. But if you're not so fortunate, re-watching your favorite TV weddings is the next best thing. After all, you're invested in the couple, there's no need to socialize with guests, and you don't have to buy a new outfit for the big day. I've already RSVP'd "yes" to the new Hulu series Four Weddings And A Funeral, and in honor of the new show, it's time to narrow down the best TV weddings to revisit.

Loosely based on the 1994 film of the same name, Mindy Kaling's Four Weddings And A Funeral series has remained vague about which couples are getting hitched at the titular weddings. Given the show's emphasis on nuptials, the ceremonies are bound to become iconic, but they won't be the first TV weddings to go down in history.

Often, the perfect event to insert into a season finale, TV weddings are as close to must-see TV as fans can get nowadays. Will the groom go missing? Is the trip down the aisle a last-minute decision? Who's going to hijack the ceremony with their own antics? All of these are actual circumstances from famous television weddings, and while they may not be ideal for a real-life ceremony, having an unpredictable day is exactly why TV weddings work so well.

Monica & Chandler ('Friends')

Perhaps the most realistic relationship on Friends, Monica and Chandler's romance only came alive after years of solid friendship. After a drunken hookup at Ross' wedding led to them dating, the two eventually tied the knot in Season 7, but per sitcom law, the walk down the aisle wasn't an easy one. Chandler's nerves about getting married and the mystery of a positive pregnancy test were the major sources of drama in the two-part episode, but fans still love Chandler and Monica's emotional vows after watching them fall in love.

Pam & Jim ('The Office')

Fans watched Jim and Pam's office banter develop into a sweet romance through the early years of The Office, but their romantic wedding just wasn't complete without Michael Scott's trademark touch. Inspired by an actual viral YouTube video, Michael and the Dunder Mifflin crew took over the couple's ceremony entrances to dance down the aisle together.

Steve & Miranda ('Sex and the City')

Blushing bride Charlotte may have finally gotten the wedding of her dreams when she married second husband Harry, but cynical Miranda marrying on-and-off love Steve proved she didn't have to sacrifice her personality or beliefs for the sake of a picturesque wedding day. She and Steve tied the knot in a city garden with only their nearest and dearest surrounding them, and the day was even topped off with an unintentional but heartfelt renewal of Miranda's friendship with Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte.

Cory & Topanga ('Boy Meets World')

As each other's first loves, Cory and Topanga casually ruined young fans' expectations for childhood crushes. Their plan to elope soon after graduating high school turned particularly heartfelt when they decided to get married "the right way" instead. If you've yet to find your own Cory or Topanga, Shawn's struggle to cope with his best friend growing up is super relatable, as marriages affect a couple's friends just as much as they impact the bride and groom.

Cam & Mitch ('Modern Family')

As a committed couple from the very start of Modern Family, Cameron and Mitchell being unmarried for so long once prompted the ACLU to create a real-life petition calling for their marriage. Their time in the spotlight finally arrived in Season 5 during an episode detailing several ceremony location changes and tense, hectic drama. Most importantly though, they made it down the aisle unscathed in a ceremony that brought together all of the Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Tuckers.

Becky & Jesse ('Full House')

Likely one of the first TV weddings viewers of a certain age watched, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's wedding had everything from poofy dresses to a musical number, but guests had to wait some time before vows were exchanged. Wanting one last adventure before tying the knot, Jesse's attempts at skydiving landed him in jail in California's tomato country, prompting Becky to bail him out while wearing her wedding dress. But all's well that ends well, right?

Blair & Chuck ('Gossip Girl')

A high-society wedding wasn't meant to be for Chuck and Blair in the Gossip Girl series finale. Chuck proposed on a whim after a fight with his father led to the latter's death. On the run from the police, Chuck and Blair brought their friends to Central Park for a makeshift ceremony so Blair would have spousal privilege after authorities took in Chuck. Like much of Gossip Girl's final season, Blair and Chuck's whirlwind wedding is a little bizarre, but it offers a portrait of New York that fits with the rest of the teen drama's romantic portrayal of the city.

Jack & Rebecca ('This Is Us')

Depending on your mood, you can easily cry over Randall and Beth's backyard vows or Kevin's speech at Toby and Kate's wedding, but that all started with Jack and Rebecca's 1970s courthouse wedding. Partially seen on the show alongside the couple informally renewing their vows in the '90s, the romantic trip down memory lane came after viewers witnessed a rocky patch in the pair's marriage.

Lily & Marshall ('How I Met Your Mother')

On top of its unpopular series finale, much of How I Met Your Mother's humor hasn't aged well, but college sweethearts Lily and Marshall remain one of the sitcom's highlights. When nothing on their wedding day panned out the way they planned, the couple and their friends retreated to an isolated spot outside their venue to unofficially say "I do" without any pressure or spectacle.

Santana & Brittany / Kurt & Blaine ('Glee')

The wedding of Kurt and Finn's parents on Glee resulted in a bubbly rendition of "Marry You," but the final season's double wedding for cheerleaders Santana and Brittany and teen sweethearts Kurt and Blaine was the real unexpected surprise for viewers. Always inspired by the two men's relationship, Brittany offered Kurt and Blaine the chance to get married alongside her and Santana. The men agreed to the idea, happily shocking everyone at the ceremony when they too tied the knot.

Leslie & Ben ('Parks and Recreation')

Getting married in your office isn't everyone's ideal wedding scenario, but it was perfect for Leslie and Ben, whose friends threw them an impromptu ceremony in the Pawnee Parks and Recreation department's headquarters. The couple met through work and faced professional scrutiny when they first got together, making their wish to get married ASAP after a successful gala even more well-deserved.

Jake & Amy ('Brooklyn Nine-Nine')

Initially the FOX sitcom's unexpected series finale before NBC saved it from cancellation, Jake and Amy's wedding episode was a typical case of workplace colleagues trying to pitch in when wedding plans go awry. The usually fast-paced comedy slowed things down for the couple's heartfelt vows, likely stirring up memories of viewers' own wedding days.

Callie & Arizona ('Grey's Anatomy')

It's tricky to have a favorite Grey's Anatomy wedding because so many of the characters' relationships ultimately ended disastrously, but in addition to portraying a lesbian relationship, Callie and Arizona's wedding is memorable because it came together thanks to the loving efforts of their fellow doctors. After Callie sent away her disapproving parents, Mark offered to walk her down the aisle, while Bailey convinced her to go on with the ceremony and stepped in to officiate. Although they later divorced, Callie and Arizona were implied to reunite when the latter moved to New York so she and their daughter could be closer to Callie.

Luke & Lorelai ('Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life')

Given all of Stars Hollow's investment in this relationship, it's a little unbelievable that it took Lorelai and Luke more than a decade after their reunion in the Gilmore Girls finale to say, "I do." Their nighttime nuptials were straight out of Lorelai's best fantastical fantasies, complete with fairy lights, minimal effort, and a limited number of guests. The only downside was the show leaving out Babette and Miss Patty's reactions to missing the ceremony.

Jane & Michael ('Jane the Virgin')

Jane and Michael having a relatively smooth wedding day was much needed after everything they'd been through together. Incorporating themes of family and humor, their church ceremony even poked fun at the show's title not applying to Jane for much longer. Also, where do I find a wedding dress exactly like Jane's lacy number?

Liz & Criss ('30 Rock')

30 Rock was never quite like reality, so Liz Lemon's on-the-fly, zany wedding was to be expected. Believing that marriage would improve her chances of adopting a child, Liz decided to quickly tie the knot with her boyfriend Criss at City Hall. While she was initially on board for a low-key event, she later realized she wanted the ceremony to be special. This resulted in Liz's Princess Leia-themed outfit and a special singing cameo from Tony Bennett.

Schmidt & Cece ('New Girl')

In an attempt to surprise his bride, Schmidt flew out of town on the morning of their wedding to convince Cece's mother to attend. Technical difficulties kept his flight grounded, but it turned out Cece's mom was already persuaded to come thanks to messages Schmidt left expressing his love for Cece. He finally returned home to find that his friends and family had set up a ceremony space in the gang's loft. Who else wishes they could just get married in the comfort of their own home?

Mary & Matthew ('Downton Abbey')

After years of pining for each other across the Downton dining room, it took World War I, threats of blackmail, and a fiancée dying for distant cousins Mary and Matthew to finally walk down the aisle together. Complete with a carriage ride that rivals Meghan Markle's wedding entrance, the ceremony was one of the few on Downton Abbey that went smoothly, so turn to this if you're channeling the 1920s on your own big day.

Crosby & Jasmine ('Parenthood')

In Parenthood's pilot episode, Crosby Braverman reconnected with old fling Jasmine when she dropped the bombshell that he was the father of her young child. Following that reveal, they eventually became a couple, reminding fans that sometimes certain relationships are meant to flourish at different times in life. Their wedding was a backyard Braverman affair that must be on dozens of Pinterest boards for hometown ceremonies.

Sheldon & Amy ('The Big Bang Theory')

This nerdy duo was never the traditional vision of boyfriend and girlfriend, so of course Sheldon and Amy's wedding ceremony was delayed by their discovery of a new scientific breakthrough. The pair eventually realized they had an entire lifetime to pursue science together and went on to exchange vows in a ceremony officiated by Star Wars' Mark Hamill. Even better than a sci-fi convention, right?

Four Weddings And A Funeral is streaming now on Hulu.