20 Scary Movies On HBO For Halloween 2019 That Will Freak You Out

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There's a very specific chill in the air that comes once October hits. Yes, the leaves are on the brink of changing and the temperatures are just staring to fall to true autumnal levels, but the chill of October comes not from weather patterns, but from the spooky spirit of Halloween season. October is basically just a month-long countdown to the fan-favorite holiday, and each of the month's 31 days can be filled with festive activities to ramp up the spirit. These 20 scary movies on HBO for Halloween 2019 are sure to do the trick.

Halloween is only one night of the year, but that doesn't stop true fans from turning the entire month of October into a weeks-long celebration. The best way to kick off that celebration is with a scary movie marathon — and with all the movies on this list, you have enough material to keep the frights going with multiple marathons this month. The movies on this list range from horror classics to gory slasher flicks to psychological thrillers. But no matter what category they fall in, they're all guaranteed to make that Halloween chill feel even spookier. Plus, you might even get some Halloween costume ideas from some of the iconic characters in these flicks.

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