20 Scary Movies On Hulu For Halloween 2019 That'll Give You A Fright

I don't usually like to be scared. Honestly, most of my life is spent making sure I'm in the exact opposite of a scary situation. I lock my doors at night, I look both ways before crossing the street, and I try not to engage with creepy trolls online. However, there is one exception to my rule of remaining fright-free, and that exception comes only once a year in the weeks leading up to Halloween, when I choose to get in the spooky spirit by watching scary movies. This list of 20 scary movies on Hulu for Halloween 2019 is going to be my guide for the season.

If you think about it, there's no better place to watch scary movies than in the comfort of your own home. That way, you're free to scream out loud, jump up in your seat, and throw things at the screen as much as you want while you watch. With a lot of the movies on this list, any and all of those reactions would be more than appropriate. There are some true horror classics here, as well as some modern thrillers and arthouse flicks. No matter what your taste is, these movies are sure to scare you into a Halloween mood.

Entertainment — 20 Scary Movies On Hulu For Halloween 2019 That'll Give You A Fright

1. 'The Evil Dead'

It's a classic horror movie setup: A bunch of teenagers venture into the woods for what should be a fun night away from it all, but when they find evil forces there, they realize they're in for much more than they bargained for.

New Line Cinema/Hulu

2. 'A Quiet Place'

When the only thing that attracts terrifying, humanity-destroying monsters is noise, you end up with a horror movie that's almost entirely silent.

Paramount Pictures/Hulu

3. 'Jigsaw'

This eighth installment in the Saw series has authorities tracking down the ghost of a killer who's been dead for over a decade. Obviously, horror ensues.


4. 'The Amityville Horror'

This scary movie is based on a scary book that's based on a scary true story about a family haunted by a mass murderer. You can watch both the original 1979 version and the 2005 remake on Hulu.

American International Pictures/Hulu

5. 'Child's Play'

Toys are usually a source of fun and joy for kids, but Chucky is no ordinary toy. This one will give you nightmares for weeks, if it hasn't already.


6. 'Annihilation'

Annihilation introduces audiences to the mysterious Area X, which is filled with strange mutants that seem to threaten humanity. It's not your typical scary movie, but it'll definitely provide a thrill.

Paramount Pictures/Hulu

7. 'Pumpkinhead'

There's nothing scarier than a scorned parent seeking revenge, and that's exactly why one dad summons Pumpkinhead to go after the teenagers that caused his son's fatal accident.


8. 'Mother!'

Jennifer Lawrence plays an accommodating young woman who realizes all her husband's kindness easily turns into terror for her... and viewers.

Paramount Pictures/Hulu

9. 'Sleepy Hollow'

This one offers some old school, eery horror courtesy of Washington Irving's classic tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Paramount Pictures/Hulu

10. 'Children Of The Corn'

When a couple discovers the body of a small boy in the middle of the road, it leads them to a much more disturbing discovery: a town full of fanatical children who worship a demonic deity.

New World Pictures/Hulu

11. 'AVP: Alien Vs. Predator'

This terrifying movie combines the sci-fi intrigue of extraterrestrial life with the horror movie trope of Earth-bound monsters. With double the creatures, it brings double the frights.

20th Century Fox/Hulu

12. 'Matriarch'

As many of the movies on this list prove, parenthood is truly terrifying. In this flick, a pregnant woman finds herself in danger when another woman takes an unhealthy interest in her pregnancy.


13. 'Case 39'

Renée Zellweger stars as a social worker who thinks she's doing a good thing by helping what seems to be an innocent child. However, kids in horror movies usually have some scary forces behind them, and this child is no different.

Paramount Pictures/Hulu

14. 'Disturbing Behavior'

This James Marsden deep cut from the 1990s has him facing all the horrors of high school cliques. In this world, they are truly terrifying.


15. 'Repentance'

If psychological thrillers are more your speed, then this one is perfect for you. A therapist and his client battle it out through some maddening mind games that'll leave you with deep thoughts long after the movie ends.


16. 'Don't Blink'

Situations with friends traveling to remote resorts and houses never seem to turn out well in these kinds of movies. That's definitely the case in this story of a group of friends who mysteriously disappear, one by one, from their mountain vacation.

Vertical Entertainment/Hulu

17. 'Mom And Dad'

Nicolas Cage really shines in this movie as a dad gone mad with the urge to kill his own children. His character ain't no National Treasure, that's for sure.

Momentum Pictures/Hulu

18. 'The Remains'

If there's one thing horror movies teach audiences, it's that you probably shouldn't go rooting around in mysterious boxes in the attic. If your life is anything like this movie, you might end up unleashing an evil spirit onto your entire family.

Vertical Entertainment/Hulu

19. 'Honeymoon'

Two newlyweds think they're embarking on a happy honeymoon of wedded bliss. All is going according to plan, until the wife disappears for a while, and returns a little... off.

Magnolia Pictures/Hulu

20. 'Final Destination'

What if you knew Death was coming for you, and soon? That's what the characters of this modern classic face as they try (and mostly fail) to cheat their fate.

With so many options for frightful flicks on Hulu, you have no reason not to spend this entire fall in the spooky Halloween spirit.

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