20 Photos Of Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones That Are So Glam

If you've just finished an epic marathon of The Crown Season 3, you're probably experiencing some serious Windsor withdrawal right about now. And while there was plenty to love about this season, the tumultuous love story between Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones was what really stood out. Their romance might have not been of the happily-ever-after variety, but at least there are dozens of photos of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones IRL to remind us exactly why this super-glamorous couple captured the world's attention in the '60s and continues to do so today. (The fashions alone are to die for.)

For those who haven't been watching The Crown (but seriously, if you haven't, you're going to want to correct that ASAP), Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones first met at a dinner party in 1958, according to Town & Country. They hit it off immediately, but the romance didn't really begin until Antony, who was a famous society photographer, was commissioned to take Margaret's photo. The couple successfully kept their romance on the down-low until February 1960, when they announced their engagement. Their marriage was reportedly a turbulent one, marked by infidelity on both sides, and the couple separated in 1976, divorcing two years later. Although their marriage may have ended, they did reportedly remain friends, and there's no question that they cut a striking and glamorous figure as a couple. These photos prove just that.

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Dating — 20 Photos Of Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones That Are So Glam

1. The Happy Couple Announce Their Engagement.

Margaret and Antony announced their engagement on Feb. 26, 1960.

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2. Strolling Through Windsor.

The couple take in the grounds at Windsor following their engagement.

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3. Happily Engaged.

The couple enjoying the telegrams congratulating them on their impending nuptials.

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4. Portrait Of The Happy Couple

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5. Snap-Worthy Moment.

Antony watches his fiancée Margaret take a photo at the Badminton Horse Trials in April 1960.

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6. A Rosy Arrival.

The happy couple is greeted by rose petals as they step out of a car in London in May 1960.

LE TELLIER Philippe/Paris Match Archive/Getty Images

7. Heading To The Chapel.

The pair make their way to Westminster Abbey on May 5, 1960, the day before they are set to wed.

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8. The Big Day.

Margaret and Antony wave from the balcony on their wedding day: May 6, 1960.

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9. Margaret And Antony Hit The Town.

The couple makes their first public outing following their wedding to attend a charity preview of Flower Drum Song at the Palace Theatre London in 1960.


10. A Profile In Chicness.

LE TELLIER Philippe/Paris Match Archive/Getty Images

11. Frocking Gorgeous.

Margaret and Antony attend the London West End theater premiere of the movie The Alamo in October 1960.

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12. A Golden Age Of Cinema-Worthy Gown.

Margaret and Antony attend the premiere of the film Spartacus in December 1960.

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13. Glittering And Gorgeous At The Gala.

Margaret dons an incredible gown at a gala celebrating King Baudouin’s marriage to Doña Fabiola in Brussels, Belgium in December 1960.


14. Glam In Gingham.

Margaret keeps every hair in place on the couple's trip to St. John’s, Antigua in January 1962.


15. The Epitome of ‘60s Cool.

Ray Bellisario/Popperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty Images

16. Looking Majorly Chic In Monotone.

Hats off to this look seen while the couple attends the Epsom Derby in Surrey, England in June 1962.

Ray Bellisario/Popperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty Images

17. Margaret Takes The Lead.

The princess is pretty in pink here, joined by Antony and Prince Charles in London in August 1963.

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18. The Princess In Polka Dots.

Margaret and Antony look spot-on at the London premiere of the film Help in July 1965.

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19. A Match Made In Heaven.

Margaret wears a coordinating bonnet and coat while attending the Horse trials in Gloucestershire in April 1970.

Ray Bellisario/Popperfoto/Popperfoto/Getty Images

20. Bow Down To This Royal Kaftan.

While the couple would separate just three years after this photo was taken in 1973, the legacy of their style and sophistication lives on to this today.

Seriously though, when does Season 4 of the The Crown premiere? Because the wait for more of Margaret’s mid-century fashions is torture.