20 Date Ideas For Winter 2019, To Feel Cute And Cozy With Your Boo

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Colder weather calls for turning up the heat (and I do mean the literal heat in your house and the metaphorical heat in your romantic relationship). From baking a batch of gingerbread cookies to going on a romantic winter beach walk, the snowy season is the perfect time for a dream date. Don't be fooled by the shorter days and colder weather: A dreamy winter night can sweep your boo off their snow boot-clad feet. And if you're looking for some cute and cozy date ideas for winter 2019, you, my friend, came to the right place.

With cuffing season is in full effect, it's natural to feel a little pressure to plan the best date ever for you and your boo. When everyone on your Instagram feed is popping off with snaps of Ice Hotels and romantic winter picnics, it's totally normal to want you and your boo to join in on the fun. Of course, a romantic winter date doesn't have to break the bank. Whether you're sipping on some homemade hot cocoa or spend an entire day watching movies in your fuzzy slippers, a perfect winter date can just mean getting comfy and cozy with the person you love.


Between family, parties, travel, and presents, the holiday season can come with a lot of extra unwanted stress. While living in the moment can be spicy and fun, having some winter date ideas ready to roll can nix any added, "Well, what do you want to do?" confusion. If you want to wow your boo with your thoughtfulness and creativity, taking a second to plan a winter date can be super meaningful. Additionally, inviting your friends and family to tag along on your dreamy winter date can pack even more of a punch to the fun. From a big winter hike to a pajama party, spending time with the people you love this winter can be a great way to feel warm and fuzzy as the temperature continues to drop.

And if you're looking to turn up the heat and the cuteness this winter, here are 20 winter dates ideas to try out with your SO.

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