These 20 Rain Boots Under $75 Prove That Legitimately Cool Rubber Shoes Do Exist

Nomad // Hunter

We're smack dab in the middle of springtime, which means rain showers are arriving in full force. Carrying an umbrella with you on the daily is a must in some parts of America and investing in cute rain boots is a must throughout all of it. If you don't own a pair already then chances are your feet have gotten soaked through your sneakers already this year. Why not buy a pair that's cheap and cute so your days of suffering through prunes toes can be over?

While there are plenty of cool black rain boots on the market that span from Chelsea boots to lace-up styles (some are included below), there are also offerings in cotton candy hues and cool finishes like glitter or patent. Rain boots don't have to be boring shoes that you detest wearing and can actually make your outfit a lot more playful. What's more, you can get some really great options for under $75, so they're really not that much of an investment. Pick out a pair from the list below and make sure you're also equipped with waterproof jacket or umbrella. You'll be ready to take on any upcoming downpours, no matter how torrential.

Zip It

I absolutely love these short rain boots, which feature a patent olive upper and easy zip-up closure. They're extremely chic and boast thick no-slip treads, to boot—I'd honestly wear them on the dryest of days too.

Good Soles

The bright, powdery color palette of this style makes it feel extra fresh and crisp. But unlike regular white boots, you don't have to worry about getting these dirty thanks to their slick patent finish.

Tall Order

Featuring a tall silhouette and deeply grooved treads, these boots mean business and can hold up to some serious weather.

Rainbow Arches
Lemonade Stand

Go classic with your wellies in color and modern with them in design. These sunny yellow Chelsea boots will brighten up any day, no matter how rainy.

Glitter Girl

If you prefer black rain boots but still want a pair with a little personality, choose this style, which is flecked with shimmery glitter.

Keeping Tabs

These boots scream Brooklyn mom and I am so into it! Made by transparent fashion brand Everlane, they're a pair you can buy in good conscious and expect to be of excellent quality.

Graphic Details

The bold color opposition of this boot gives it a thoroughly modern and unexpected feel.


Calling all lovers of playful socks! These boots feature a clear upper peppered with glitter so you can show off whatever you're rocking underneath.