20 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That’ll Make Them Feel Extra Special

So, your girlfriend has a birthday coming up. Whether you're jetting off to some vibrant location to celebrate or throwing a party at home, you probably want to give them a gift that shows how much you care. In my opinion, the best birthday gifts are the ones that are both thoughtful and fun — a good mix of whimsical and practical. The following birthday gifts for your girlfriend strike that balance.

Sure, you can gift your partner some bath and beauty essentials. But why not pick some with the most lush, ethereal scents ever? You might also want to throw in a little something extra to make their self-care time super relaxing. On the other hand, maybe you want to indulge your girlfriend's lust for life. Whether they love throwing excellently outrageous parties, stepping out to cool music festivals, or traveling far and wide (and in style), there's definitely something you can gift them that'll strike all the right chords.

Unlike a Valentine's Day or anniversary gift, an ideal birthday present for your girlfriend will be all about them — unless, of course, you want to take the tried-and-true, sexy birthday surprise route. That being said, you can't go wrong with a gift that celebrates and nurtures the incredible human your partner is. Here are 20 gifts to get your girlfriend, to make them feel extra special on their big day.

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Dating — 20 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That’ll Make Them Feel Extra Special

1. A Rosy Birthday Package

Trade a traditional bouquet for Lush's Rose Jam shower gel and Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, both of which smell like roses, lemons, and vanilla.

2. An Aromatic Journey

Another way to get the pampering started is by lighting an indulgent, bougie candle. Apart from being named after the Lower East Side (LES) in New York City, this candle is a nod to how "les" is used for both masculine and feminine nouns in French. Likewise, the scents aren't "masculine" or "feminine," just an earthy, sweet mix. Think black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom, and white cedar.

3. Music To Your Ears & Eyes

If your bae has been coveting AirPod-esque earbuds, these marble ones are a super on-trend (and much more affordable) option.

4. A Coffee-Table Book

Content creator Bethany Rutter's PLUS+ is a visual feast of plus-size street style from around the world. If your girlfriend loves fashion — and especially if they're plus size — this book would be a cool addition to their coffee table.

5. A Way To Spice Up Their Girls' Night

One of the cool things about being in a queer/sapphic relationship is that everyone is invited to girls' night. This game ups the ante with 100 "Truth or Dare" cards, 100 "I Have Never" cards, 100 "Most Likely" cards, and a couple hundred more with spicy, getting-to-know-you questions. And, as the description reads, "You don’t have to fit the binary to answer whether or not you’d get back with your ex for a million [dollars]."

6. A Way To Get In Touch With The Universe

If your girlfriend is all about minimalism and mysticism, this tarot deck from Adam J. Kurtz (aka @adamjk) is a great start.

7. A Gentle Way To Kick Back, Literally

Soaking your feet and getting them massaged in your own home? Peak luxury you can provide for your GF for $48 plus shipping.

8. Wine About It

Perfect for the bath or even a foot spa, these glittery, Prosecco-scented bath bombs are double the glam.

9. A Gift For Your Beer-ly Beloved

If your bae is all about craft beer, give them a chance to craft their own this birthday.

10. The Blueprint For Their Next Getaway

Does your girlfriend have big travel dreams? Help them get their mind right, their budget sorted, and their sight-seeing dreams organized with this travel planner.

11. A Cozy & Chic Nap Aide

And if your bae is dead-set on their travel plans, why not give them a way to travel comfortably and in style?

12. A Heavenly Gift

Offering both clasp and clip-on versions, BRWN GRLZ has earrings for every zodiac sign. Remind your girlfriend that a star was born on their special day.

13. An Equally Heavenly Diffuser

This diffuser will truly help your girlfriend's space feel like a sanctuary.

14. A Golden Moment

Gifting your girlfriend Urban Decay's Naked Honey Palette is a sure way to help them shine.

15. A Sexy (Or Silly) Keepsake

Give your GF a place to keep your very best printed or polaroid nudes. Or, make this a cute decoy for regular (but still cute) pics.

16. A Trippy & Stylish Cardholder

Whether it's their credit card, MetroCard, or some cute polaroids, this little cardholder keeps it all together in snake-skin style.

17. A Fresh Scent

Urban Outfitters' Individual perfume line has several scents, including Fresh, which smells like bergamot, orange, sage, and musk. And, as UO states on their website, the perfumes are "perfect for him or her or anywhere in between."

18. A Reminder To Get Some Shut-Eye

A glam eye-mask is a sweet, gentle reminder for your insomniac or workaholic GF to please get some rest.

19. The Gritty Gift Of Skincare

This Frank Body gift set is a lush starter kit with everything your girlfriend needs for skincare: cleanser, face scrub, moisturizer, makeup cleansing oil, a face mask, and a rosewater-aloe face mist. Get into that birthday glow!

20. Some Trendy Eyewear

Featuring purple lens, star-shaped frames (or lack thereof), and tortoise-shell temples, these sunglasses are Elton John or Prince-levels of glam. And if your bae is known to be extra in other aspects of their life, why not give them what they need to be extra as hell on a day that's all about them?