20 Birthday Gifts For Your Girlfriend That’ll Make Them Feel Extra Special

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So, your girlfriend has a birthday coming up. Whether you're jetting off to some vibrant location to celebrate or throwing a party at home, you probably want to give them a gift that shows how much you care. In my opinion, the best birthday gifts are the ones that are both thoughtful and fun — a good mix of whimsical and practical. The following birthday gifts for your girlfriend strike that balance.

Sure, you can gift your partner some bath and beauty essentials. But why not pick some with the most lush, ethereal scents ever? You might also want to throw in a little something extra to make their self-care time super relaxing. On the other hand, maybe you want to indulge your girlfriend's lust for life. Whether they love throwing excellently outrageous parties, stepping out to cool music festivals, or traveling far and wide (and in style), there's definitely something you can gift them that'll strike all the right chords.

Unlike a Valentine's Day or anniversary gift, an ideal birthday present for your girlfriend will be all about them — unless, of course, you want to take the tried-and-true, sexy birthday surprise route. That being said, you can't go wrong with a gift that celebrates and nurtures the incredible human your partner is. Here are 20 gifts to get your girlfriend, to make them feel extra special on their big day.

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