BTS' DICON video had fans tweeting "Big Hit Close The Gym."

ARMYs Are Begging Big Hit To Close The Gyms Because BTS' Muscles Are Getting DANGEROUS


On Monday, Dec. 21, Dispatch unveiled their behind-the-scenes video of BTS' photoshoot for DICON magazine, and let's just say, ARMYs were shook. They couldn't get over the guys' handsome looks, and their favorite part was when V popped up on screen looking more muscular than ever. Since the other members are looking extra buff these days as well, fans started the trend #BigHitCloseTheGyms because it's almost becoming too much for them to handle. (Key word: Almost.) These 20 BTS "Big Hit, close the gym" tweets recap the boys' most muscly moments, showing the guys' biceps keep getting bigger and bigger every time fans see them.

Fans know BTS loves going to the gym. They've shared some of their workout sessions on their YouTube channel BangtanTV (like Jungkook's October 2019 exercising vlog), as well as on their Twitter account (Jungkook once shared a clip working the arm machine with a trainer). Fans have also seen BTS do group workout sessions plenty of times, and the videos never fail to make ARMYs blush hard.

BTS' hard work has definitely paid off because the results always have fans swooning. On Dec. 21, fans were going through it when they saw V's biceps during the group's behind-the-scenes video for DICON magazine.

View the moment for yourself near the 1:44 mark in the video below.

While V's arms took the spotlight this time around, the other members have also made ARMYs swoon with their muscles lately. Since BTS keeps getting bulkier, ARMYs trended #BIGHITCLOSETHEGYMS because, at this point, it's getting dangerous for their hearts.

Fans pointed out TXT has been looking more muscular, too, so maybe ENHYPEN will follow suit. "The fact that its not only BTS but also TXT!!! This is getting out of control because WHO'S NEXT ENHYPEN ?!!!!! AHHHHHHHH," a fan tweeted.

ARMYs are seriously debating whether to support #BIGHITCLOSETHEGYMS or #LetBTSBulkUp.

In the end, they chose team #LetBTSBulkUp. "Dear @BigHitEnt please dont listen to this #BIGHITCLOSETHEGYMS true ARMY would never choose an easy way, we will endure it #LetBTSBulkUp," a fan wrote.

BTS, whatever gym routine you're following, it's definitely working, so keep it up.