18 ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Wedding Photos That Are Out Of This Galaxy

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Star Wars is... well, it's a lot of things. It's a space epic, a grand intergalactic adventure, a lesson in fighting back against fascism, and it also happens to be one of the greatest love stories ever told. And no, I'm not talking about Padmé and Anakin. I mean Han and Leia. (Although Poe and Finn is also an acceptable answer, fingers crossed!) So, of course, it just makes sense that couples who love Star Wars want to make it a part of their wedding day. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Star Wars-inspired wedding photos are kind of the best wedding photos. They're just so fun, and and the aesthetics of the series are actually really gorgeous.

Don't believe me? Well, feast your eyes on the below wedding photos of couples who embraced the Force (or the Dark Side) on their wedding day. They just may change your mind and consider taking some inspiration for your wedding day from "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." Plus, let's be honest, Leia is pretty much forever hair goals. With that said, here are several Star Wars-themed wedding photos that are truly out-of-this-galaxy-level adorable.

Embracing The Dark Side Never Looked Quite So Romantic.
The Drawhorns Photography

For Katelyn Averett, the bride, choosing a Star Wars wedding began with selecting the wedding date. “We were married on ... May the 4th,” Averett told Elite Daily, a date which has come to be known as Star Wars day because it's a play on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you."

“We are huge Star Wars fans, so choosing that date was a no-brainer,” she added. And the wedding setting was fittingly gorgeous and remote as well. “We were married with the sunrise… surrounded by the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a private ceremony, a planned elopement, with just us and the [elopement photographer team, the] Drawhorns," said Averett. “We knew we had to incorporate Star Wars into our day and our photos. These helmets were the best accessory and decision for showcasing our fandom.”

The Drawhorns Photography
You Had Me AT-AT “I Do.”

What could be sweeter than a gorgeous Star Wars-inspired wedding cake from Whisk Dessert Co.?

A Wedding Fit For A Queen (Of Naboo)

This couple fully embraced the inter-galactic theme, with the bride donning a Padmé-inspired veil, Star Wars leggings, and a couple of storm troopers to really complete the look. They added old world glam with a sci-fi touch via photobooth photos taken by Stephy Perea with a backdrop from the Paper Moon Shoppe, along with wedding shots by Hailey Ann.

“You Look Absolutely Beautiful. You Truly Belong Here With Us Among The Clouds.” – Lando Calrissian

Who needs a glam squad when you have the Empire to make your wedding day chic? Photograph by Deanna Page Photography.

Feeling The Force From Head To Toe.

Coordinating Star Wars knee highs have just become my new wedding day goal.

"I Love You." "I Know." — Leia Organa & Han Solo

Instead of a groom’s cake, this couple opted for something a little more unexpected: these incredible Star Wars cookies from Kates Cookies KC.

“The Force Will Be With You. Always.” — Obi-Wan Kenobi

Life is beautiful with a partner by your side, and having a couple of lightsabers handy doesn’t hurt either. Photo by Amanda Raylee Photography.

Wedding Crashers, ‘Star Wars’-Style.

It’s always awkward when uninvited guests show up to the party, especially when they're equipped with quad laser cannons. Photo by James Field Photography.

This *Is* The Wedding Party You’re Looking For.

There's nothing like coordinating storm trooper (and bounty hunter) helmets to really tie the wedding party together.

“This Is A New Day, A New Beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano

Forget raising a glass to happy couple, raise a saber instead.

You Can’t Shake These Bow-Tie (Fighters).

After all, it’s not just brides and femmes who get to wear cute Star Wars accessories on their big day.

I’ve Got A Good Feeling About This.

Cute signs like this can really add to the ambiance and fun vibe of the reception.

Together They Rule The Galaxy.

There's nothing quite like seeing the light of your life by the glow of a dozen lightsabers. Photo by Chris McGuire.

These Cake Toppers Are Utterly Un-Porg-ettable.

“We picked a Star Wars theme for a lot of reasons, we’re both huge nerds, we love sci-fi and knew our families would get a huge kick out of it,” Katy Wright* told Elite Daily. But it wasn’t just their fandom that inspired the Star Wars theme, or their May 4 wedding date, says Wright. It was also a tribute to her mother. “[May] is my mother's birthday month and she recently passed, but I also knew she would want it to be a joyous occasion and she would have gotten the biggest kick out of it, she was also quite a nerd!”

Along with the adorable porg wedding toppers, the bridal party had lightsaber handles for their bouquets, and one of her ring bearers carried a bounty hunter rifle while the other was fully decked out as an Ewok in a bow-tie.

“We had various sci-fi and fantasy music play throughout. [And] we ended up with more Star Wars puns in the speeches than we knew what to do with — but honestly who can resist a good pun?,” said Wright. Ultimately, the couple opted for a wedding that was inspired by a galaxy far, far away because it was just plain fun. “I’d say the driving factor was that we wanted to have fun and Star Wars is awesome.️ Also, we’re quite goofy.”

Seriously though, how amazing and inspiring are these wedding photos? They truly are out-of-this-world amazing.

*Name has been changed.

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