18 People Reveal If They Prefer To Be Single Or In A Relationship, & You’ll Relate

I always thought I was someone who preferred to be single. I liked the freedom of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I liked. I'm someone who is content to be alone most of the time and I had a solid group of friends for the rare occasions when I felt lonely. If you were to ask me if I prefer to be single or in a relationship, I would have, without hesitation said "definitely single." Then I met the right person who changed my mind. But still, I totally get why some people just prefer to remain a party of one. It can be really fun and uncomplicated, but being coupled up definitely has its benefits, too — especially when you find a partner who doubles as your best friend.

Both living the single life and being coupled up have their benefits and drawbacks, but if you had to pick one, which would you prefer? Folks on Reddit had the same question — which relationship status is better and why? — and the Redditors who answered kept it real. Their responses were across the board (brace yourself for f**k boys aplenty), but ultimately they are all so relatable. Here's what they had to say.

It’s All About That Single Life
Not being in a relationship doesn't automatically equate to being alone. There are other ways to fill your life with love, friendship, companionship (hell, even sex) than to be in a romantic relationship.


Single. I can do what I want on my own time, I don't have to worry about anyone else


I like to keep things "open" I never really like to be alone, but also don't like to be tied down to someone or have them expect anything from me because I am a self centered piece of shit.


Single is so, so good. Can do whatever I want, whenever. Every night out is an adventure with endless possibilities and potential to meet new and exciting people. Relationships stagnate my social life like nothing else, whenever I'm in one I can no longer meet new people without being a bad boyfriend.


At the moment: Single. I'm 28. I have money, no debt, I love to travel and meet new people. I'm having a blast, I'll probably be more open to one in my 30's when i'm happy to settle down in one place.


Being single by far. No anxiety from worrying about the other person, no having to mesh multiple schedules, no feeling like I need to make excuses to be alone.


Definitely being single. I want to do whatever I want without having to compromise on anything with a partner.


being single. it's a choice I made years ago and haven't regretted it. I suck at relationships. they complicate everything with feelings and expectations.


I'm single most of the time. I'll get lonely and want a relationship, but then I remember just how much effort a relationship takes and I'm just not cut out for that. I'm much better off single. Honestly, I just wish prostitution were legal. I've never tried finding an escort, but I would if I could. Then I'd probably never feel lonely.


Keeping It Cuffed Up
I don't hate being single, but honestly I'd always prefer being in a healthy relationship. What's the point of making all those great memories if there is no one to share them with :)


I thought I loved being single. Then I met my wife. I never want to be single again.


I prefer a relationship. I like loving someone and having someone to love. That said, if I don't love someone, I'm fine being single and just, I guess, having casual sex.


Prefer a (happy) relationship. Does a lot for my overall happiness, I enjoy loving and being loved, I like the company of people in general and of a person I love especially, ... The alleged advantages of being single don't hold much attraction for me.


Being in a serious, committed, very healthy relationship has been much better for my emotional and mental well-being than being single. I'm in my first relationship after being single until I was nearly 22 (no reciprocated crushes, no kisses, no holding hands, no sex, nothing) and having someone who's my best friend and love rolled into one awesome package has been an incredible experience for me.


Relationship. More sex. You have someone who loves you around all the time. And at least in my case I take better care of myself too.


Been single for a few years now after being in 2 long term relationships that lasted 10 years and I miss being in a relationship. Coming home to someone who was happy to see me. I can lie and say that I enjoy having so much freedom to do what I want but I'd much prefer to share my time with someone.


In a relationship and can't imagine her not being around.


In a relationship. It's nice not having to do everything around the house and fun having someone to cook for and do nice things with.


I don't know about you, but I can honesty relate to all of these. Both options have major benefits, in addition to necessary compromises. I think the key to being happy and satisfied (in life in general, really) is to do your best to enjoy both being single and in a relationship for what they are, while it’s happening. Because honestly, they are both totally what you make of them.

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