18 Statements About Dating, Relationships, & Love To Use During "Never Have I Ever"

When you've got a crush or a new cutie has caught your eye, you probably will want to know everything about them from their zodiac sign to what they had for breakfast. Those questions are easy enough to answer, but what about the really juicy stuff like if they've ever had their heart broken and if they believe in true love? Why not suggest playing a game and use "Never Have I Ever" statements about relationships to get your answers?

Never Have I Ever is a super fun game to play with both strangers and people you've known forever because you never know what people will say! It's also great when you're in a new-ish relationship because you can really learn a lot about someone in a fairly chill way. Asking during a game is a fun and less invasive way to do some digging, and is much less intense than a straight-up interrogation. Of course, you might not think there's anything's strange about being a few dates in with someone and being like, "Hi, do you believe in marriage, how's your relationship with your mother, and have you ever cheated on someone before?" But if you'd like to take a more relaxed and subtle approach, consider asking these following statements to sate your curiosity!

Let's Talk About Sex

While being able to talk honestly and openly about sex is pretty important in a romantic relationship, but when you're initially getting to know someone these questions can be kind of awkward to ask. So this game is the perfect setting to dig for the goods!

  • Never have I ever had sex in public.
  • Never have I ever had a threesome.
  • Never have I ever had sex with someone while fantasizing about someone else.
  • Never have I ever 69ed.
  • Never have I ever had period sex.
  • Never have I ever tried tantric sex.
Let's Talk About Relationships

Similar to talking about sex and love, finding out about someone's past relationships is a totally revealing subject. Maybe they've never been in a serious relationship, or maybe they've been very badly burned. You can find out a lot about someone's attitude towards relationships with the following statements.

  • Never have I ever been in a real relationship.
  • Never have I ever dated someone just because I didn't want to be single.
  • Never have I ever gone on vacation with a partner.
  • Never have I ever brought someone home to meet my family.
  • Never have I ever cheated on a partner.
  • Never have I ever been engaged or married.
Let's Talk About Love

Learning about someone's past experiences with love can be really insightful and clue you into how they'll approach matters of the heart going forward. If someone's never been in love, they might be more reticent to be emotionally open, or on the flip side could be eager and searching for that feeling. These statements will help you figure them out.

  • Never have I ever been in love.
  • Never have I ever said "I love you."
  • Never have I ever said "I love you" without meaning it.
  • Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.
  • Never have I ever fallen in love with someone off-limits.
  • Never have I ever written a love letter.

Keeping in mind that this is a game and should be fun and light-hearted, you'll find out a lot about someone while also revealing a lot about yourself at the same time. Of course a simple "never have I ever" or "yes, I have" doesn't tell the whole story, so if you're still inclined to pursue your crush post-game, just know there's still a lot more ground to cover. But at least now you have a head start!