These Tweets About Timothée Chalamet & Lily-Rose Depp's Reported Breakup Speak To My Soul

by Candice Jalili
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's time to brace yourselves, people, because these tweets about Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp's reported breakup are about to make you feel incredibly seen. ICYMI: News of their rumored split first swirled when the May issue of British Vogue described 24-year-old Chalamet as being “currently single.” On April 25, a source reportedly confirmed the news to Us Weekly, telling them the two had split after over a year of dating.

If you're shocked that they were reportedly together for so long, allow me to take you on a trip down memory lame. Rumors about a romance between the two first occurred in October 2018 after they were spotted kissing in New York City. “They were walking down the street and he stopped her and pulled her close,” an onlooker reportedly told Us Weekly at the time. “They started making out for a while, for over a minute.” The source also reportedly noted the two looked like “a new young couple in love.”

The duo kept a relatively low profile for the remainder of their reported relationship, but Chalamet did give Depp a sly nod when on the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet alongside his mom. Access Hollywood asked him if he'd be seeing Depp later, and Chalamet avoided the question by responding, “I’m here with my mom." To that the reporter replied "Lily makes you speechless,” and Chalamet responded, "Yeah.” Yeah.

Unfortunately after that major declaration of love (LOL), it seems as though the pair has reportedly split. And people have lots to say on Twitter.

This very important reminder.

They were both catches, people.

This super hopeful prediction.

I sure hope so.

This reminder that you can still ship them.


This eager ploy for Depp.

Seems like he already moved over!

This hilarious ploy for Chalamet.

I wonder how many "just something to consider" type messages he gets a day.

This very accurate prediction.

The man is about to be drowning in a sea of thirst traps.

This sentiment of pure joy.

Is there anything more joyful than a mirror-front solo dance party?

This hilarious declaration.

Obvi this was a joke, people. Try to stay calm.

This very real question.

But seriously. A year?

This devastating conclusion.

Ugh, sad.

This party announcement.

Need her number because need details immediately.

This beautiful ode to what they once had.

Nobody's perfect. But they were def close.

This heart-wrenching (but lol) reminder that Chalamet has a type.

What? You don't fit the extremely specific bill? Weird.

This very relatable comparison.

Yeah, at 19 I was hoping a non-famous boy I was semi into would just send me a text back. Spoiler: He didn't.

This spiritual take on the matter.

Wait, so maybe manifesting really does work?

This proof that 2020 is the worst.

First a global pandemic forcing the world to shut down life as humans once knew it, now this?!

This hilariously oblivious take.

I guess never knowing they were together would make it hurt less?

Yes, the actor is reportedly newly single. But maybe hold off on trying to ask him on a "date" as he's made it clear he's not really a fan of that word. "'Date' is very much a scary word, because then that context has been established," he told W Magazine in 2018. "You can always see people on early date behavior."

Huge shoutout to whoever gets to see him on "early date behavior" next.