These 17 Super Bowl Pickup Lines Will Help You Score On Dating Apps

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Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect day for rocking your favorite football jersey, eating too many nachos, and practicing your sideline cheers, but IMO, it's also a great day for perusing dating apps. Though you'll likely spend commercial breaks actually watching the commercials, there's probably going to be downtime during the game, which will give you the opportunity to hit up some dating app matches. Why not get the (foot)ball rolling by bringing up the big game? If you're looking for some Super Bowl-themed pickup lines to try on dating apps, then I've got suggestions that are definitely winners.

Whether you're rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs, The Weeknd, or your snacks, the 2021 Super Bowl will likely offer plenty of material for shooting your shot with someone new. Keep in mind the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, so flirt away, but safety comes first. Luckily, you can send spicy texts from way more than six feet away.

In the mood to send something corny? Raunchy? I've got the perfect football-themed pickup lines for you to try (and yes, all puns and punts are intended).

1. "Do you like football? Because I'd love to show you my tight end."

2. "I would definitely like to kick off something new with you."

3. "Not to brag, but I never fumble balls (unless you're into that, of course)."

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4. "Do you prefer two-hand touch or full contact? And before you get the wrong idea, I'm talking about football. (Or am I...?)"

5. "Just wondering, are you an eligible receiver... of my phone number?"

6. "If I were the NFL, you'd be my first overall draft pick."

7. "I don't know much about football, but I know that my fantasy football team includes you."

8. "I'm definitely (touch)down to hang out if you are."

9. "I promise I won't call a foul if you try to tackle me."

10. "I would love some head-to-head contact with you tonight."

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11. "I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for us to get together."

12. "I'm super bowled over that I matched with someone as cute as you."

13. "Want to go on a date? My schedule is wide open."

14. "Just to let you know, I'm a pretty great catch."

15. "Forget pigskin — I'd rather get my hands on your skin."

16. "I bet we could make more fireworks together than the Super Bowl halftime performance."

17. "The Bucs and the Chiefs aren't the only ones who could score tonight."

Here hoping these pickup lines get you into your match's end zone!