Try These 17 Pickup Lines On St. Patrick's Day If You Wanna Get Lucky

St. Patrick's Day is basically just Valentine's Day with beer, right? You know, if Valentine's Day involved fewer candy hearts and more strangers singing "Danny Boy" outside of your window at two in the morning. Beyond those minor differences, the number of drunk singles you're bound to encounter on both nights is pretty much the same. And if you're single and ready to mingle this March, you're probably on the hunt for some St. Patrick's Day pickup lines, yes?

Before we dive into those pickup lines, though, I should probably fill you in on the real secret to meeting cute guys and girls on Mar. 17...

A couple of years ago on St. Patty's Day, my friends and I were waiting to squeeze into a teensy, classically Irish pub in New York City. One of those friends just happened to have been born and bred in Ireland (thank goodness), and — despite the mile-long line to get into this place — managed to slip us right in after uttering a couple of words in Irish Gaelic to the fellow at the door. Everyone at that bar was like putty in her hands from that point on, and I quickly learned that the best way to pick up cuties on an Irish holiday is, well, to just be Irish.

(Did I try to feign an Irish accent for the rest of the evening? Of course! Did it work on anyone? Absolutely not!)

Don't stress if you're not a true Galway girl, though, there are tons of other ways to snag someone's attention on St. Patrick's Day. Here are 17 St. Patty's pickup lines that are sure to get you as lucky as a leprechaun. They're adorable and ridiculous and I dare you to try them all.

1. "Fun fact: I kissed the Blarney Stone once. So if you kiss me, I'm pretty sure you'll have good luck for life."

2. "Is that a shillelagh in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

3. "Is it weird to say that you remind me of Lucky Charms? Because you're magically delicious."

4. "I think you're the pot of gold I've been searching for all day."

5. "Will you help me find my leprechaun? Maybe he can help us both get lucky tonight."

6. "Meghan / Patrick, is that you? No? Well, what's your name?"

(Note: Have you ever noticed that half of the women at a bar on St. Patrick's Day are named Meghan? Seriously, 30 Rock even joked about it. Try this one out and you'll see what I mean!)

7. "Don't worry about looking for four-leaf clovers. I'm all you need to get lucky tonight."

8. "Can you say 'Top of the Morning' at night? If not, can I wish you a 'Top of the Morning' tomorrow?"

9. "Oof, you just put the Irish Spring back in my step."

10. "We're both wearing green. I think we were destined to meet tonight."

11. "Did you play the fiddle in an Irish band? Will you kiss me by the neck and take me by the hand!"

(OK, these are just lyrics from "Galway Girl." But really, feel free to use any lines from Ed Sheeran's Irish-inspired album Divide.)

12. "I'm not Irish at all, but I still think you should kiss me."

13. "Totally cool with you kissing me, even if it's just because I'm Irish."

14. "Already feeling lucky tonight, just having bumped into you."

15. "I'd like to be on top of you tomorrow morning."

16. "Can I buy you a pint of Guinness?"

17. "Irish you'd buy me a drink..."

Go on, lassies — St. Patrick's Day is your night to get lucky!

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