Ed Sheeran's New Irish Music Inspired Album Reminds Us Of One '90s Classic

by Hope Schreiber

Ed Sheeran's long awaited album, Divide, has finally been released, and hopeless romantics can't get enough.

As one of those hopeless romantics, his album was part of my required listening for today.

"Shape of You" is incredibly sexy and tells the tale of meeting a girl and taking advantage of an all you can eat buffet. Which, to me, is an ideal date.

"Castle on the Hill" made me so nostalgic for times I spent getting drunk in high school, I'm not ashamed to say I cried.

People are already calling the rest of the album Ed's best yet. In fact, some are saying it saved 2017.

I relate a lot to this album, and not just because Ed and I are both of Irish descent, and talk a lot about girls and drinking...

We may both take inspiration from a certain 1998 song...

Sheeran told Irish Times:

I don't think enough people use [Irish music] in pop music. For some reason it's considered twee and old, but it's such exciting, youthful music, it should be at the forefront of pop culture. Hopefully if these songs are successful, more people will do a bit more like it.

His song "Galway Girl," and his song dedicated to his grandparents, "Nancy Mulligan," use that traditional Irish sound.

"Nancy Mulligan," tells the story of Sheeran's grandparents.

Ireland has a long history of being separated by areas loyal to England and by religion. Sheeran's grandparents were from northern Ireland (mostly Protestant) and southern Ireland (mostly Catholic).

But, uh... that doesn't matter at the moment. Because Sheeran's songs sound straight out of a certain girl band's discography that you may have forgotten.

You remember "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched, right?

Now that we're reminded, we have some questions...

The opening line.

For us in the states, this our first interaction with B*Witched.

One of the singers of the band opens the music video by saying,

Some people say I look like me dad.

Her bandmates retort "What?" and "Serious?" As if a person shouldn't look like their father.

But I question you... why on God's green earth would she open with this line?

"Some people say I look like me dad?" No one asked... We just want to witness a carefree girl group song about tree houses.

The boy who "mommy always wants" to "come for tea."

Are we supposed to believe that this is the "man" the girls of B*Witched, the Irish pop band, are chasing after?

If anything, he looks like someone's little brother who begged to be a part of their music video.

"I'll show you mine, if you show me yours."

Okay, B*Witched. He looks about 15 years younger than all of you, and you look like a bunch of moms who just discovered iMovie.

That is NOT a jab at you -- it is a jab at your '90s hairstyles...

"Let the fun begin..."

He looks as uncomfortable by this whole situation as I am.


Finally, at the one minute mark, the "love interest" had a single kiss with a bandmate.

She tells him to "get a life" in her chocker necklace. Which seems like she's playing hard to get, despite telling the young man to show them all the goods.

"But where does the Irish music come into play," you ask? Wait for the Riverdance breakdown...

I rest my case.

However, the music video comes full circle when the one band member who confided in her friends that some people believe she "looks like me dad" says:

"I fight like me dad as well."

Why? ...Why?