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17 Rihanna Songs To Listen To After A Breakup

by Candice Jalili
Mondadori Portfolio/Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Going through a breakup? I'm sorry. That's awful. But there is one tiny silver lining: There are so many Rihanna songs to listen to after a breakup. And it doesn't even matter what sort of mood you're in! Want to go hit the clurb with your girlfriends? She's got a song for that. Feeling guilty for cheating on your ex? She's got a song for that. Ready to get freaky with a rebound? Yep, song for that. Feeling nostalgic about your ex? She's got you covered. Still kinda feeling your ex, even though you know you shouldn't? You guessed it — she's got a song for that, too.

So, please. By all means, be sad. Mourn the loss of the relationship. What you're going through is rough! Even if you know walking away from your ex was the right move, this is still a transition, and change can be hard. While anyone can technically turn on any old Rihanna song, at this particular juncture in your life, you're uniquely qualified to feel the music. Nobody can quite connect to her bangers the way you can right now. So, do yourself a favor and take advantage. Not sure where to begin on your Rihanna listen-fest? Check the below list for some inspo.

"Hate That I Love You"

Still not totally ready to get over your ex, even though you know that you probably should? Don't worry. Rihanna gets it. Listen to this song and reflect on how much you hate that you love you them so.

"Take A Bow"

Just got done with a cheater? Rihanna's been there. Listen to her belt out "Take A Bow" and imagine yourself scream-singing it in your ex's face.


Were you the one who cheated? RiRi's been there, too. Listen to "Unfaithful" and get ready to feel literally all of the feels.

"Pon de Replay"

Over feeling sad? Let Rihanna cheer you up with her debut hit and Girls Night Out anthem, "Pon de Replay."

"Needed Me"

Were you just dumped by that person who was originally all over you? And you're like, "Wait, a minute. You are the one who needed me. WTF is happening? But also I don't really care. But also, ugh, how dare you?" Rihanna gets it.

"Sex With Me"

Ready to get your freak on with a rebound? Well, Rihanna has plenty of songs to get you in the mood for that, but I would recommend checking this one out first. Why? Well, it might have been a minute since you last did the deed and I like that this also doubles as a great confidence booster.

"No Love Allowed"

Still feeling pretty betrayed by your ex? Try listening to "No Love Allowed." It'll hit you right in all of the bitter-about-love feels.

"Love On The Brain"

Not really at all over your ex? Like, you know the relationship was bad... but you literally cannot stop thinking about them? And maybe even occasionally seeing them? Your friends may judge you for not being over it, but you know who has no judgment? RiRi. Give "Love On The Brain" a lesson and feel fully understood.


Rihanna and Sza's "Consideration" is for anyone really enjoying their newfound post-breakup independence. Heck, even if you're not quite at the "enjoying my independence" phase, maybe give this song a listen to get you excited for what's to come.

"Kiss It Better"

Still holding out hope that you and your ex are going to get back together? Maybe they really messed up but you're waiting for them to apologize so you can get back together. Yet again, Rihanna gets it.


Has your ex moved on a little faster than you would have liked? Listen to Rihanna's extremely underrated "Woo" for a reminder that what you shared with them was one of a kind.

"Same Ol' Mistakes"

Feel silly for giving your ex another chance only to have them disappoint you all over again? Let Rihanna make you feel better by giving "Same Ol' Mistakes" a listen.

"Pour It Up"

Another great anthem for when you're ready to finally go out for a post-breakup night out on the town.

"Loveeeeeee Song"

Still feeling lonely after your breakup? Yeah, you have your friends and family. But maybe you're still craving that romantic kind of love. Let Rihanna and Future put your feelings into song in "Loveeeeeee Song."

"What Now"

Did you have one of those awful breakups where nothing bad really happened? Like, you just sort of... fell out of love? It happens. And Rihanna even made a song about it. Give "What Now" a listen and feel heard.


Did you get dumped by someone who you wish you were still with? Pretty much anyone who 's ever been dumped will be able to feel the sentiment of Rihanna's "Stay." Put it on blast and let yourself wallow away.

"We All Want Love"

I like to think of this song as a reminder that it's OK to be sad that you lost love. Like Rihanna literally says in the song, "We all want love." So, uh, yeah. It's natural to be sad that you lost it.

OK, now go forth and let RiRi sooth your hurting heart!