17 Plus Size Halloween Costumes That Aren't Just Watered Down Versions Of Their Straight Size Counterparts

by Marie Southard Ospina

Shopping for anything remotely niche in plus sizes is generally a surefire way to break out in a stress rash, and that includes plus size Halloween costumes. While the straight size market produces everything from sexy Edward Scissorhands ensembles to authentic-looking, 17th century-inspired gowns à la Outlander, the plus size scene is usually a heck of a lot more watered down than all of that.

We don't usually get to be sultry nurses in slinky minis. Instead, we are told to don full-length, shapeless, clinical-looking shifts. We don't get Wonder Woman's corseted bodysuit. Nah. We get an A-line, knee-length version of the iconic look. And forget a meticulously-crafted, hand-embellished witch's dress. Why not rock a saggy, pointed hat and black tarp instead?

As with a lot of plus size fashion (still, regardless of how popular the phrase "body positivity" may be in retail and mainstream media), there exists a myth in the world of curvy costumes. It's as though the designers assume that fat babes don't want to show some leg. That we don't want to adhere to conventional tropes of sexiness — not even on Halloween. That we want to be modest. That we want to hide our bodies in shame, including every roll that comes with them.

For a lot of us, this simply isn't true. Not even a little bit. The following plus size Halloween costumes will hopefully be refreshing gems in a sea of cringey, outdated tulle and taffeta. They don't feel like diluted incarnations of cooler straight size versions. They're just as cool themselves.

Fat Mermaid
Courtesy Torrid

Halloween Ariel Fitted Mermaid Dress (Sizes 10 to 30), $30, Torrid

This stunning dress is form-fitting so that you can rock your visible belly outline in pride. Mermaids needn't have flat stomachs, after all. Plus, Ariel's bra and fin combo showed off the curvature of her body in The Little Mermaid, so why shouldn't your costume do the same?

Leggy Witch
Courtesy Leg Avenue

Black Magic Mistress (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $63, Leg Avenue

Every '90s kid who loved Hocus Pocus or Harry Potter has likely dreamt of becoming a witch. Let spectators be enchanted by your dark magic and luscious legs alike. This detailed, mystical costume is not holding back, and neither should you.

Gothic Sensibilities
Courtesy Hot Topic

Black Brocade Hi-Low Hem Girls Vest Plus Size (Sizes 12-26), $60, Hot Topic

Perhaps you don't fancy embodying a fictional character or magical creature this year. Allow this gorgeous dress to inspire you instead. Taking elements from both Gothic and Victorian styles, you're bound to stand out. The fitted bodice and high slit will add a dose of sexiness to an already shop-stopping look.

Covent Garden Lady
Courtesy Hips & Curves

Soft Cotton Bell Sleeve Dress (Sizes 5XL-6XL), $90, Hips & Curves

If you've been binge-watching Harlots since it first aired on Hulu, this dress may just remind you of some of the ladies' 18th century, boudoir-inspired ensembles. It's undoubtedly sexy as per contemporary standards, but still subtly reminiscent of the Georgian period.

Belle Of The Ball
Courtesy Torrid

Disney Beauty And The Beast Belle Halloween Ball Gown (Sizes 10-30), $109, Torrid

Emma Watson's yellow ballgown in the live action version of Beauty And The Beast was arguably one of the most beautiful, impeccably made fashions in recent cinema. More budget-friendly, but no less stunning, adaptations of the dress have been everywhere this Halloween — at least in straight sizes. Now's your chance to have something just as gorgeous, if a bit more practical, than Belle's look in plus sizes.

So Zelda
Courtesy Unique Vintage

Plus Size Vintage Style Ivory & Black Embroidered Florence Flapper (Sizes 16-26), $78, Unique Vintage

If Zelda Fitzgerald and Marion Davies are among your style inspirations, look no further than this vintage-like flapper dress. You can take the roaring '20s with you wherever you may go, since this piece can be re-worn for cocktail parties, weddings, date nights, or just around the house when you're feeling fancy.

In A Grump
Courtesy Amazon

Leg Avenue Women's Plus Size Grumpy Bear (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $40, Amazon

In a huff about having to dress up for Halloween? Make it obvious that you can't be bothered with any of this while rocking a still-very-cute ensemble. There's no shame in your grumpy game.

A Classic
Courtesy Leg Avenue

Plus Size Naughty Night Nurse (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $45, Leg Avenue

Sure, it may be one of the most cliche "sexy" costumes of all time. But why shouldn't you get to experience the classic nurse look as a plus size queen? As the name suggests, it's OK to be a little naughty.

Squad Goals
Courtesy Hot Topic

DC Comics Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil Monster Girls Raglan Plus Size (Sizes 12-28), $35, Hot Topic

Over a year after Suicide Squad's release, Harley Quinn remains one of the most beloved antiheroes in the comic book universe. Channel your favorite sociopath in this Daddy's Lil' Monster look.

For The Love Of Leia
Courtesy Amazon

Sanctuarie Designs Princess Leia Plus Size Halloween Costume (Sizes XL-9XL), $106, Amazon

Honor one of the most badass woman to ever hit the big screen in this extremely true-to-likeness dress. Princess Leia has been inspiring Star Wars fans for decades, and now you can do the same to anyone who catches sight of your majesty.

The Last Jedi
Courtesy Amazon

Rubie's Costume Women's Plus Size Star Wars Adult Plus Jedi Knight (Size OS), $33, Amazon

The premiere of The Last Jedi is mere weeks away. Channel Rey this Halloween, and bond with fellow Star Wars lovers everywhere you go.

Welcome To Twin Peaks
Courtesy Torrid

Halloween 'Twin Peaks' Waitress Dress (Sizes 10-26), $35, Torrid

Does the Twin Peaks revival still have you on-edge? Do you spend your evenings wondering what on earth has become of Agent Cooper? Do you wish you yearn to taste those fine cups of coffee from the Double R Diner? Then this ensemble is definitely the one for you.

Regular Old Wednesday
Courtesy Hot Topic

Black & White Collar Velvet Dress Plus Size (Sizes 12-30), $37, Hot Topic

Wednesday Addams would undoubtedly approve of this dress. Because it's not specifically a Halloween costume, you can even re-wear it when you're feeling especially ghoulish.

As Mad As A Hatter
Courtesy Leg Avenue

4-Piece Deluxe Hatter (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $69, Leg Avenue

Everyone knows that the Mad Hatter is one of the most intriguing characters in Alice In Wonderland. Allow yourself to feel wild and brilliant in this sexy yet sophisticated take on the peculiar protagonist.

De Vil
Courtesy Amazon

Dreamgirl Women's Plus Size Dalmatian Diva (Sizes 1XL-2XL), $37, Amazon

Many Millennials will fondly remember the 1996 adaptation of 101 Dalmatians. That is, the film that solidified Cruella de Vil as one of the most glamorous villains of all time. This form-fitting likeness of the iconic character will allow you to channel your inner (evil) diva in confident style.

Plus Size Angelina
Courtesy Torrid

Disney Maleficient Multi-Color Hi-Lo Skater Dress (Sizes 14-24), $35, Torrid | Disney Maleficient Deluxe Horns, $13, Torrid

Angelina Jolie excels in every role she takes on, but her interpretation of Maleficient was truly out of this world. The villainous ensemble has been remade into infinite Halloween costumes, but this plus size take is both bold and practical. The green flame detailing on the hem and sleeves make it all the more unique, too.

Ahoy, Mateys
Courtesy Leg Avenue

4-Piece Black Sea Buccaneer (Sizes 1XL-4XL), $63, Leg Avenue

You may not be sailing the open seas this Halloween, but you can certainly look ready for the job. This buccaneer costume will make you feel like an extra in Pirates Of The Caribbean, but with even more style than Elizabeth Swann.

With costumes such as these in your arsenal, there's no season to allow your Halloween be swallowed up by another shapeless, yawn-inducing look. Let yourself be unique, weird, sexy, or utterly iconic. You deserve it all.