This Pants Trend Means Business — & You Could Steal It From Your Dad's Closet

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You've heard of mom jeans, but now, get ready for the dad pants trend. Trousers and slacks are coming out of the office and onto the streets. This new trend, however, isn't about your every day work attire, because dad pants aren't just any pair of trousers or slacks. Instead of being super tailored, they have more of a boxy, wide-leg fit, making them super comfortable to wear. In fact, the style has already been approved by both Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, so you know it's going to be everywhere in no time.

While sweatpants and baggy jeans have been my go-to for my quarantine uniforms, my most recent shopping haul contained about five pairs of dad pants. Let me tell you, every time I put them on, I feel like a fancy, serious business woman ready to take on the world. Ialso feel wildly comfy. They add a chic touch just above what I can get with other pants I love, but without being restrictive. You can take the look one step further with a trendy sweater vest on top to really sell the "I just found this in my dad's closet" vibe, or pair them with a t-shirt for a laid-back, timeless look.

Once you hop on the dad pants trend, you'll never go back. If you're ready to change your fashion game for the better (and the cozier), below are the cutest dad pants from across the internet.

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Since you're going to be falling in love with your dad pants, you should start with a pair you can wear with anything. You'll find yourself grabbing these roomy black bottoms out of your wardrobe so often, you may want to get two pairs right off the bat.

For the days and night you want to be a bit more daring, leather is the move. It's a sleeker, shinier take on the look, but it still brings the streamlined edge you're after to your closet.

Dad pants aren't limited to muted neutrals — you can absolutely go down a more colorful route. Orange is an under-appreciated color that'll make you pop on the street.

Plaid is the dad pant print. It's a great for layering since it can feature so many colors in one print. You can even pattern block with a plaid, polka dots, floral, or pretty much any kind of top. Although, there's something classic and edgy about a graphic tee over plaid pants.

With spring on the way, I would be remiss not to show you even more fun-colored trousers. With all the flowers finally blooming again and the sun shining for longer, it's the best time to rock all the bright clothes you have.

Trousers that come with an attached belt are the best. You don't have to worry about finding a matching belt, or you'll easily be able to adjust the fit around your waist o an extent. Not to mention, a belt just makes a look a tiny bit sharper.

There simply aren't enough people in the world wearing patterned pants. I seldom see anything other than solid colored pants when I leave my home, and that's just not as exciting as a groovy pattern. Pattern blocking is one of this year's fastest growing trends, so get a head start on it by grabbing a funky pair of slacks.

The ultra wide fit of both of the pants above is what makes them so comfortable to wear, especially on hot days. As far as the dad vibe, these slacks are only one oversized polo away from making it look like you dug through your old man's dresser.

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