This Is The Perfect 2021 Fashion Trend For Your Zodiac Sign

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Now that we've all walked into 2021 quietly for some time and didn't touch anything, it's time to change up your style. When looking for your next fashion move, there's no better place to start than with your astrological sign. As the Aquarian Decade just began, you may already be noticing a shift in how you relate to the world. Before you run willy-nilly to the first fun top that catches your eye, check in with the stars for some Zodiac-inspired clothes for 2021.

You've probably heard of the Age of Aquarius before — it's a great song — but you may not know exactly what it entails. Saturn and Jupiter aligned with the sign of Aquarius on Dec. 21, 2020, and will be for a significant chunk of the year. This means that, unlike the previous Age of Pisces, focus is instead going to be shifted to turning your creativity into action and enjoying what makes you unique. Aquarians are notorious for their originality and forward-thinking nature, though they can often come off aloof or distant, so you may feel yourself pull away from the world a bit. To summarize, consider this the time to express yourself and try new things. If there's a trend or style you've always wanted to try, but you've been too afraid to, now is the time to rock it.

With all this star-focused energy, you may actually be a new person by the time 2022 rolls around. But until then, below are some of the most fashionable outfit ideas based on your zodiac sign for 2021. Aquarius or not, this will be your most stylish year yet.

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You're probably already deep in the workings of all of your 2021 plans. Since confidence isn't something you often find yourself lacking, lean into that with some bold patterns this year. In fact, you can even bring out your zaniest prints and wear them all at once to really fuel your main character vibe.


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While you're known for being more than a little set in your ways, Taurus, your love of luxury and beauty means your wardrobe is hardly lacking elegance and comfort. To go with your collection of comfy turtlenecks, a slip dress is perfect. It's incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to style, and will make you feel like the sensual queen you are.


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Especially after the solitary, isolated year that was 2020, your adventurous spirit is running into 2021 full force. While traveling is still mostly out of the question, you can still bring that bold energy to your closet. As outgoing as you are, a trend like bold shoulders is worth trying out.


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You're a bit of a homebody, Cancer, so loungewear has always been a favorite fashion of yours. One way to elevate your cozy clothes to brunch-ready status is to invest in a matching knitwear set. You'll look put together and feel like you haven't left your bed. It's everything you could wish for.


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As a sign that loves drama and attention, Leos will feel best walking into the new year in a bold, colorful fur coat. Not only will you be warm, but you'll be as flamboyant as a flamingo in your new coat, even if you just have a pair of sweatpants on underneath.


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You love feeling, looking, and generally being put together, and that extends to your fashion choices, Virgo. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun, too. To spruce up a button-down or turtleneck — structured and uniform, just how you like it — toss on a fun sweater vest.


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With all your charm, style is something that comes pretty naturally to you, Libra. While you like to stay on top of the trends, you like to keep things in your sartorial wheelhouse for a while. That's why something simple but classy, like layered neutrals, is in your future. It's a sharp, streamlined look that immediately turns you into an Insta baddie.


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Scorpios are the undeniably mysterious, sexy sign of the Zodiac. You often keep your color palette on the darker side and your clothes slinky, which is why a great addition to your wardrobe is a corset or bustier. You can wear it alone or with nearly any kind of top to add a little extra spice to your outfit.


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You love the feeling of being free, and nothing captures that as much as running through a field Little House on the Prairie style. Luckily for you, cottagecore is a trend that will still be going strong in 2021, so it's time to buy that pastoral dress you've had your eye on.


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Capricorn, you can't deny how hard you try to keep every thing in order. Practicality and discipline are musts in your world. Now that taskmaster has finally wrapped up its three-year stint in your sign, you can actually relax for once. Even though taking it easy doesn't come easily to you, a luxury loungewear look may help. It's more dressed up than a sweatsuit, but still super comfy.


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Standing out has never been a fear of yours, Aquarius. Now that an age just for you is on the come up, you're going to want to show off what makes you unique even more. That's why tulle is going to be your go-to in 2021. It brings the drama and fun.


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Ah, Pisces, the softies of the Zodiac. Your love of romance and day dreaming will only be heightened in the Age of Aquarius, so a silky house dress should be your next move. You need something elegant enough to grace the outdoors with, but comfortable enough to lie around inside when you just want to drift away.