These Tweets About The Battle Of Winterfell Will Make 'Game Of Thrones' Fans Sob


The Battle of Winterfell just wrecked the entire internet. Seriously, y'all, this episode was the most intense of all Game of Thrones history. And the tweets about the Battle of Winterfell prove that Thrones fans will never be the same. The episode picked up exactly where the last one left off, with the army of wights approaching Winterfell as the human army waited in terror. Also waiting in terror? Every single person watching the show.

The episode started off in silence. It was in the middle of the night, so the army of the dead couldn't be seen as it approached. A bit scary!! The tension continued to build until Melisandre made her first Season 8 appearance. She brought the miracle of fire (and with it, lighting — thank you for that, Red Woman) and used her power to set all of the Dothraki weapons on fire. But it didn't do much... as it only took the white walkers about two minutes to kill all of the Dothraki off. Yup, the Dothraki army all became part of the army of the dead in this episode. And that was in the first 15 minutes.

Once the battle started, viewers did not get a single break to catch their breath. It was crazy intense, y'all.

Twitter was effectively hyperventilating the entire time because, as expected, a lot of people died.

Shall we break down who the confirmed kills from this episode are? Are we emotionally prepared for that? If not, too bad! We've got a new episode coming next week, people!

While the episode had the most epic ending that showed Arya Stark killing the Night King — like the ETERNALL BADA** SHE IS! — the episode also had its horribly sad moments during which some very beloved characters were lost.

Edd Doloroso (Jon and Sam's friend from the Night Watch) was the first supporting character to die in the battle. A lot of Dothraki died first, like we already covered, but Edd died on the battlefield before the army of the dead reached the castle. Lyanna Mormont died a hero's death when the walkers got into the grounds of the castle. She was picked up by a giant white walker, and before it killed her, she stabbed it in the eye with dragon glass. If she was going down, it was going down with her! Super sad moment, nonetheless.

Beric Dondarrion died fighting with Arya and The Hound, and then, Theon Greyjoy heartbreakingly died protecting Bran Stark. He took down an entire group of walkers singlehandedly in an amazing moment, but then, the Night King approached, and we all knew what was going to happen.

"You're a good man. Thank you," Bran said right before Theon was killed by the Night King. My heart!!

Surprisingly/miraculously enough, everyone else is still alive. But the loss of these characters is definitely a hard one to swallow. The promo for next week's episode shows the aftermath of the battle, and gives us a look at what the main conflict of the show appears to be going forward: getting Cersei off the iron throne.

For now, I'd like to say congratulations to all of my fellow Thrones fans out there. We, along with a majority of the main characters, made it through the Battle of Winterfell.