Warm Your Fire Sign Partner’s Heart With These 15 Sweet Texts

The three fire signs, aka Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, are known for being warm-hearted, affectionate, and open to getting a little bit mushy. So, having a few texts to send your fire sign partner that will make them smile can be a great way to keep the passion burning when you are apart.

When crafting a text to send to a fire sign, consider all the traits and characteristics that make them special. Not only are they loving and all-consuming in the bedroom, but these signs also have a natural optimism and excitement for life. Letting them know that you recognize and appreciate all of those qualities in them will very likely touch their hearts. After all, being seen by the people we love can be one of the best feelings in the world. And by taking their zodiac element into mind, you can begin to focus on who they are at their core.

So, if you're feeling the love and you want them to know it, you don't have to wait until you're face to face. Nope, you can tell them just how much they're in your heart and on your mind with one of the following 15 sweet texts.

There's No Such Thing As Too Many Compliments

Fire signs are proud and confident and have no difficulty accepting compliments whatsoever. In fact, they love them, so don't be afraid to keep the praise coming.

1. Your courage and kindness inspires me every day, just thought you should know that.

2. I love the way you see the world and your endless optimism. You make the world a better place just by being in it.

3. You’re the bravest and boldest person I’ve ever met and it’s amazing.

4. I’ve never met anyone with a bigger and more generous heart. I am so glad you’re mine.

5. I was just thinking about you and how freaking cute you are. Just thought you should know.

These Warm-Hearted Signs Love The Mushy Stuff

These signs are well known for their warm and generous hearts. While other signs might balk at texts that are overly romantic and mushy, these signs are all-in when it comes to the lovey-dovey stuff.

6. Every day with you is an adventure and I am so excited to go on it with you.

7. You are my favorite person on the planet. Period.

8. I cant believe how lucky I am to have met someone with so much passion and such a big heart. Love you babe.

9. No one makes me laugh more than you, and it makes me fall in love with you more every day.

10. Hey you, I was just thinking about how special and gorgeous you are. And I just can't wait to squeeze you!

Heat Things Up By Telling Them Just How Smoking They Are
Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

There is no shortage of passion in any of the fire signs, so don't be afraid to stoke their heat with a well-timed sexy text.

11. Hey, hot stuff. I was just thinking about you… naked.

12. Have I told you lately how totally hot you are? Because d*mn. Can you please just get over here?

13. So I had a thought… well, actually, three thoughts: You, me, and getting naked under the stars. What do you say?

14. Hey, you! Why don't you come over here and show me why fire signs are famous for their passion?

15. You on top of me. That’s it. That’s the text… also, the invitation. 😜

Yep, send any of these and there is a very good chance you’ll have your fire sign grinning from ear to ear. Not to mention hopping in the next Uber.