15 Sexy Comments To Leave On Your SO's Instagram That'll Make Them Blush

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The only thing better than appreciating a hot thirst trap on Instagram is when the feed making you the thirstiest happens to belong to your partner. They're just so cute and sexy that you can't resist scrolling and liking all their pics. If you want to level up your appreciation, then leaving a few sexy comments on your partner’s Instagram pictures will not only make their day and get them blushing, but, if you're lucky, make your night the next time you see them.

The key to leaving a sexy comment? Let them know how hot you think they are. It doesn't have to be explicit (though that's OK if the spirit moves you) since it's more about letting your partner know how you feel, ya feel? It can be cheeky, fun, and suggestive. In other words, just have fun with it. If you're still not sure what to say, here's some inspiration to help spice up their social media life.

1. D*mn. How are you not in my bed right now?

2. 10/10 this hottie could totally GET IT.

3. Do you want to sext? Because this is how you make me sext you.

4. Get your fine a** over here!

5. You are looking like a tall glass of water and you’ve got me thirsty as hell!

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6. Mmmmm! This pic is giving me ideas!

7. Your Insta = my porn 😜

8. When you post pics like this, you make me think very dirty thoughts. Just sayin’!

9. Hottest booty on the Internet.

10. I was trying to decide what to do later, then you posted this pic.

11. Um, how are you this hot all of the time?

12. Think they look hot in this picture? You should see them naked. 😝

13. 10/10. Would bang again.

14. I’m gonna make you look at me like that tonight.

15. OMG! How are you so hot???

Whether your relationship is brand new and you're in that can't-get-enough-of-your-hot-body phase, or you've been together awhile and you're looking to keep things spicy, leaving a sexy comment on your partner's Insta is a great way to let them know just how attracted you are to them. They may have set the trap, but show them you're the one who's sprung.