15 Sexts To Send Your Ex When You Want To Rekindle The Flame

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Not all relationships are meant to last, but that doesn't mean there weren't some things about them that worked. For instance, maybe you weren't on the same emotional wavelength or the timing was off, but you still have fond memories of the amazing sex. Well, you don’t necessarily have to give that up if the attraction's still there for you both. If that's the case, having a few sexts to send your ex handy is one way to make it clear that you’re ready to rekindle things in the bedroom.

One thing to consider before firing off one of these sexy missives is whether or not your ex will appreciate the sentiment. For instance, are you still in contact in a way that they would be open to this kind of text? You don't want to send sexts to a random ex who you haven't seen since prom, because that would be, well, kinda weird. However, if this is someone who you're still on friendly (or maybe more) terms with and you think they would be down for it, here are some sexts to shoot their way when you're feeling frisky and ready to put the "ex" back in sex.

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1. Hey, remember that time we [something sexy in your past]? Wanna do it again?

2. I was just thinking about the time we [something sexy in your past] and I kinda wish you were here RN.

3. Why do all my best memories of you always end up with us in bed?

4. Hey you, it’s been a minute. But I was wondering… You up? 😜

5. Is it wrong that I can’t stop remembering what you look like naked?

6. I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t mind getting you in bed again.

7. Why is that every time I talk to you all I can think about is how great our sex life was?

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8. So, um, what are your thoughts on ex sex? Because, for the record, I’m pro.

9. You’re still the best I’ve ever had. And I wouldn’t mind having again, just sayin’.

10. Sooo… I had a sexy dream about you last night. Want to hear about it?

11. I miss the way you feel on top of me. Just thought you should know.

12. Is it wrong that I still think you’re super sexy?

13. I’m wearing the shirt you left here. Want to come take it off me?

14. I'm pretty sure no one's been as good in bed as you, but I just want to make sure. Up to the task?

15. Hey there. DTF?

Hooking up with an ex can be a lot of fun if you're both on the same page about where it is or isn't going. If you think it's right for you, these texts just might be the way to help you kickstart that horizontal reunion you’ve been craving.

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