15 Sexts That’ll Make Your Aries Partner Feel The Heat

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Aries is one of the most exciting and passionate lovers of the zodiac. Ruled by Mars, the planet associated with passion and aggression, they're no stranger to impulsive, sexy, meet-me-in-the-bathroom romps. As the leader of the zodiac (Aries is the first sign in the zodiac calendar), they're most comfortable in a dominant role, and love to seduce. But while they mostly tend to initiate sex with their partner, they appreciate being teased and seduced just as much. Having sexts to send your Aries partner drafted and ready to go in your Notes app can come in handy with a sign as sexual as Aries, especially if your messages cater to their own spontaneity, sense of adventure, and confidence. Not only are you letting your Aries know you want them, but you're telling them you understand them, too.

Here’s some hot inspo to get you started.

Sexy And Spontaneous.

1. What are you doing right now, and why isn’t it me?

2. I was just thinking about you and, uh, things got a little freaky over here. Want to come over and reenact it? It would be even more fun with a partner. 😜

3. Wanna play? [Send a photo of you and your partner’s fave sex toy.]

4. Whatever you’re doing… drop it… and get into my bed!

5. Psst. I’m on my way over. So get ready to be naked in five minutes!

Feeling Frisky And Adventurous.

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6. Feeling adventurous? Because there’s something I’d like to try tonight. It involves these handcuffs I just bought...

7. Hey babe, what’s something you’ve always wanted to try in bed? Because I’m up for it tonight. 😜

8. Pick something for us to play with, my treat! [Send link to your favorite sex-toy brand’s website.]

9. Hey babe. I just had a dirty thought. 😈 Want to meet me at [location] and make it a reality?

10. Just over here thinking up a new safe word for tonight. 🤔

Confident And Seductive.

11. When I see you tonight, first I’m gonna unbutton your pants. And then... should I go on?

12. I just thought you might like a little preview for next time we're together. [Send a sexy selfie of you in bed.]

13. The only thing I want tonight is you in my bed.

14. I just did a little photo shoot while I was thinking of you. Wanna see?

15. Just so you know... I’m gonna be the boss tonight.

Don’t be afraid to let your Aries partner know exactly what’s on your mind.