15 High School Memories Millennials Have About The Friend's House Everyone Hung Out At

Sometimes, the nostalgia hits real hard, and I find myself taking a stroll down Memory Lane. Out of all the things I miss most about growing up, the relatable high school moments I experienced at my friend's house everyone always hung out at, were definitely in there. If you can relate, you're likely nodding your head and saying, "Same," right about now.

Most people had that one friend with the coolest house which ended up being the go-to hangout spot after school. There were always the new video games ready to play on PlayStation, and their parents even set up the best snacks. (Just thinking about those days and that house, I've never longed for butterfly clips and lip smackers more.)

Not only do you miss being able to spend every moment with your hometown BFFs, but you also miss all the hottest TV shows and games from high school. If you could travel back in time, you might consider your high school days, just so you could experience these 15 things you did whenever you hung out at your friend's house. As the Fall Out Boy lyrics go — and I totally jammed out to them in my car every day on my way to high school — "Thanks for the memories."

Hanging Out With Their Furry Friend
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If you didn't have any pets at home, you especially loved going over to your friend's house so you could hang with their fur baby. You loved their dog or cat endlessly, and it only made you beg your parents even more to adopt a furry friend.

Joking Around With Their Siblings Like You're Family

When you spent so much time at your bestie's house, you really got to know their entire family. I remember joking around with my friend's older brother like he was my own, and giving advice to her little sister. I miss that feeling of having a second family to call my own on the daily.

Getting Super Competitive Playing Dance Dance Revolution Or Mario Kart
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Video games were my jam in high school. I had to have DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) at my birthday party one year, just so I could show off how good I was at stomping on arrows. If your friend had all the cool consoles, you couldn't wait to go over after school to play DDR, Guitar Hero, and even Mario Kart.

Getting Ready Together Before Heading To The Friday Night Game
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Going to the Friday night football game was a big deal. You'd dress up in your school colors, feel the spirit, and hope to run into your crush on the bleachers, too.

Before heading to the field, though, you always got ready at your friend's place so everyone could go together. There may have also been delicious pre-game pizza, which was always the best idea.

Lining Up On The Lawn To Take Pictures For Every School Dance
Rachel Chapman

Since your friend's house was the go-to spot, that's where everyone met up before school dances. You lined up for photos in the front yard or on the staircase.

Having everyone's parents there wanting to take their own photos made it last for what felt like forever, am I right? But, you wouldn't trade those memories for the world.

Putting The Finishing Touches On When Getting Ready For Prom
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Along with taking pictures, you also put on the finishing touches at your friend's house. Maybe you got your squad's opinion on rocking a bold lip color, or sticking to something more neutral. My favorite was turning up the radio and dancing around while everyone put on some last-minute glittery additions.

Going Over Ever Week To Watch 'Gossip Girl'
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In high school, you had to watch your favorite show the night it aired. That's why you and your squad used to watch shows like Gossip Girl weekly at your friend's place. It became a tradition you kept up with, or else you'd be totally lost on the drama.

Admiring Your Friend's Clothes In Her Closet And Wanting To Borrow Literally Everything
Rachel Chapman

Your friend may have had the biggest closet out of anyone you knew, and it was always filled with the most recent finds from Aeropostale and Abercrombie. You wanted to borrow literally everything, and she always let you.

The Late Night Heart-To-Hearts At Sleepovers
Rachel Chapman

You probably had more than a few sleepovers at your friend's place. You enjoyed those sleepovers so much, because you really got so much closer with each other, especially during those late-night convos and heart-to-hearts. That's also when a lot of your inside jokes came to be.

Talking About Crushes And Calling Them On Speakerphone
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High school crushes were both the best and the worst. I remember spending hours analyzing my crush's Myspace page, and trying to interpret our conversations on AIM like I do with texts now. I'd enlist the help of my friend whenever we were at her house, and then, use her phone to call him. If you relate to all of this, you probably put the call on speakerphone so the whole group could hear, too.

All The Pool Parties During The Summer
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The summer was when you spent almost all of your days at your friend's house. You especially loved it if they had a pool. There were always pool parties when you rocked a fresh new swimsuit, and you probably have a few throwback pics on hand of everyone piling onto a pool float or chilling by the fire pit.

Having Dinner At Their Place To Catch Up With The Whole Family
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As much as you may love your parent's cooking, you likely used to get so excited when your friend's parents asked if you wanted to stay over for dinner. It was a fun, relaxed time to just catch up with them.

Dancing Around To Blink-182
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Let's be honest: High school was a really great time for music. You may have danced around to Blink-182, Yellowcard, and Jimmy Eat World all the time with your friends. (Can we agree that spontaneous dance sessions were the best?)

Giving Each Other Makeovers, Complete With Roll-On Body Glitter
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Giving each other a makeover was always a fun idea. That makeover got a serious upgrade, though, when you were at your friend's house and the roll-on body glitter from Bath & Body Works made an appearance.

Playing Truth Or Dare

Eventually, when you're hanging out with your friends, truth or dare came up. When you were in high school, you really loved doing the dares. You got your friends to prank phone call their crushes, and eat the weird snacks in your friend's kitchen. Whatever the dare was, it was funny for everyone.