15 Funny Memes About Dating That Are Too Real & Will Lowkey Make You Want To Cry

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Dating can be a lot of fun. You meet new people, have new experiences, and maybe even indulge in a little romance. Also, sex. But it can also be extremely frustrating, confusing, and discouraging at times. Thankfully, sometimes the best remedy for a tough situation is laughter, and laughing at the absurdity of dating is pretty much the best. There are so many hilarious memes about dating that really capture the struggle, because let's be honest: Sometimes, finding love is no joke.

What makes memes so amazing is that they can, in a few words or a photo, capture the most complex feelings. When you read them you can't help but feel like, "Same!" But memes can also make the hard parts of looking for love feel a little bit easier, because you know at least one other person has been through the same dating trials and tribulations you have. Memes bring us together and help us laugh through the tears.

So, check out these memes that really do get to the heart of what it feels like to be actively (or, ahem, maybe not so actively) dating, and share them with your friends who you know can totally identify with them, too.

Whenever anyone asks why you’re still single and you answer honestly.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Don’t let anyone shame you for being single. Let them know you realize you’re so amazing, you’d date a clone of yourself if you only could. Come on science, make it happen.

On the best day ever.
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Listen, I wish I wasn’t this petty, but sometimes you’ve got to take the victories where you can find them. And if you’re crushing life while they're still just flailing through, then I say: Enjoy that piping hot cup of justice tea. And maybe post a thirst trap just to remind them what they're missing out on. Look, I told you from the start that I was petty.

When your date is feeling the holiday spirit.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

When they told you they love Halloween, this is not what you thought they meant.

When you realize you really are all you need to be happy.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Spoiler alert: You are enough to be happy. Being with someone you love can be really amazing. I highly recommend it. But so is being single, being free, and finding out who you really are as an individual.

The Eternal Question
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I get not adding labels to relationships and that is fine, but if we're going to do all the relationship-y things, can we decide what we are? TBH, this is where good communication would be so clutch.

But when you find the one who's right for you, it's all worth it.
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The kind of relationship everyone deserves!

When it's too good to be true.
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Did someone say self-sabotage?

What's yours is mine, right?
beigecardigan on Instagram

Nothing much better than cuddling into a sweatshirt that smells like bae.

This is love.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

Ahh, yes. Modern dating.

No such thing as overly high standards!
gaybestfriend on Instagram

Half the battle is finding someone who embodies what you're looking for. Voter registration is important! Don't @ me!

beigecardigan on Instagram

It's a slippery slope, OK?

When you ask for a sign...
mytherapistsays on Instagram

... and you get it then ignore it because you control your own destiny.

Increasingly proud of my RBF.
gaybestfriend on Instagram

But also, IDC.

You'd think this is fundamental knowledge.
elitedailysexanddating on Instagram

But alas, it is not. Such a simple concept!

I mean...
mytherapistsays on Instagram

Have you ever screenshotted a conversation with a crush and then sent it to your crush when you meant to send it to your BFF?

So, if reading these memes makes you feel like dating is a nightmare, then take a break and just do you for a while. Come back to the dating scene when you can laugh at these again… and cry… and laugh again. Like I am right now. Ahem.