15 Excuses To Get Out Of A Date When It's Too Cold To Leave The House

by Jamie Kravitz

Winter means two things: cuffing season and cold weather. The two go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. When you're trying to find a cuff, you're probably going on a lot of first dates — which means you have to leave the house. If it's snowing, windy, or just plain freezing, braving the cold can feel like too daunting a task. Rather than getting bundled up and going outside, you can always make an excuse. Then when the sun comes out, reschedule. Here are 15 foolproof excuses to get out of a date when you just can't force yourself to leave your pile of blankets.

Whether you want to give your date a practical excuse, or you're OK with cancelling using something a bit less believable, you've got options. These lines are perfect for putting off a date and spending the night alone, inside, with Netflix and a double bottle of wine. If the two of you are truly going to get along, there is a good chance that they haven't gotten off the couch either. They'll probably be grateful that you were the one to cancel. And if you end up texting each other all night from your respective apartments, you can pretty much guarantee they're the one.

Practical Excuses

1. "I'm stuck at work and won't be home until late."

This happens all the time, so they'll probably buy it.

2. "Uber is surging like crazy right now and I really can't afford it."

Who can argue with this very real struggle? Just one thing — make sure Uber is actually surging before you try this line.

3. "My car is snowed in."

If it recently snowed (and if you have a car), this excuse should fly.

4. "My pipes froze while I was away, so I have to call the plumber."

Going home for the holidays and coming back to frozen pipes is a totally viable reason to cancel a date.

5. "My power went out, so I can't get ready."

If there are crazy winds outside, this could be justified. You can't do your makeup in the dark, right?

Excuses That Are A Little Less Believable

6. "I'm really not feeling well and wouldn't want to get you sick."

Debatable excuse, but no one wants to kiss someone who's sick.

7. "My hot water isn't working and I haven't showered."

Hygiene is important when meeting someone, especially for the first time.

8. "My landlord is coming by tomorrow and I have to clean my apartment."

This is a bit sketchy, but it could be true.

9. "A tree fell during the snowstorm and is blocking my driveway."

Trees fall during storms. It happens.

10. "My dog died."

This lie is a bit cruel, but desperate times, right?

Excuses That Are Just Plain Petty

11. "I'm breaking out."

Just pretend you've got a face full of zits. It's vain, but valid.

12. "I promised my roommate we could go to the gym together and I've already cancelled twice."

Healthy living is important, after all.

13. "Mercury is in retrograde, and I don't want to risk ruining our first date."

I don't care what anyone says. Mercury in retrograde is the source of all my problems.

14. "I started drinking to keep warm and now I'm too drunk to go out."

This counts as a preventative measure. You don't want to embarrass yourself too soon.

15. "My horoscope said I shouldn't go outside today."

An excuse that's about as petty as it gets, but hopefully they have a sense of humor.

When it's too cold to go outside, nothing's going to get you out from under the covers — not even the prospect of a hot date. Use these excuses and they (probably) won't question you.

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