15 Dumb Things Guys Have Done For Girls They've Liked In The Past


My dad once told me about a time in college when he liked a girl so much that every Thursday, he would walk to his nearest telephone booth with a giant jar full of quarters to be able to stay on the phone with her for hours. They ended up breaking up, and he couldn't even remember her name, so there probably was a wiser way for him to put those quarters to use. Nevertheless, we all do dumb things for the people we like, all the time! In fact, a recent Reddit thread featured all the dumb things guys have done for girls they liked and... yeah, some of these are pretty dang dumb.

Read along and rejoice, laugh, and even grimace at these totally dumb things. Honestly, the way I see it, these stories serve as a reminder that real love is still out there making perfectly sane, normal people do totally insane, weird things in the name of love.

1. He Sacrificed His Education For Her


2. He Posted An Embarrassing Video On Her Wall


3. He Took Her On A Family Trip For Three Months


4. He Bought Her A Life-Sized Orlando Bloom Cut-Out.


5. He Got Her A Ticket For A Trip She Already Told Him She Didn't Want To Go On


6. He Agreed To A Three-Day-Long Bus Trip, Instead Of A Four-Hour-Long Flight


7. He Got Her A Designer Bag


8. He Got Her A Car Right Before She Cheated On Him


9. He Got Her A Dozen Donuts Late At Night


10. He Drove In The Middle Of A Hurricane To Hang With Her


11. He Went To The Same College As She Did, Even Though He Hated The City


12. He Drank Half A Bottle Of NyQuil To Impress Her


13. He Bought A Super Expensive Camera That He Couldn't Afford


14. He Recorded Himself Dancing


15. He Didn't Break Up With Her After She Was Unfaithful


Still embarrassed about that one dumb thing you did in the name of love? Here's to hoping this article made you feel better.

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