Guys Reveal The Absolute Dumbest Things They've Done For A Girl & Yeah, It's Bad

by Candice Jalili

My dad once told me about a time in college when he liked a girl so much that every Thursday, he would walk to his nearest telephone booth with a giant jar full of quarters to be able to stay on the phone with her for hours. They ended up breaking up, and he couldn't even remember her name, so there probably was a wiser way for him to put those quarters to use. Nevertheless, we all do dumb things for the people we like, all the time! In fact, a recent Reddit thread featured all the dumb things guys have done for girls they liked and... yeah, some of these are pretty dang dumb.

Read along and rejoice, laugh, and even grimace at these totally dumb things. Honestly, the way I see it, these stories serve as a reminder that real love is still out there making perfectly sane, normal people do totally insane, weird things in the name of love.

1. He Sacrificed His Education For Her

I just recently got dumped by a girl who told me she wanted to get married, so I sacrificed the second degree of my double major and my last semester of college to start working and saving up. Then her mental health disorders got really bad so she dumped me to work on herself, and now I’m out a second degree and months of my life I was planning on spending by drinking with friends and fleshing our my resume, and she refuses to speak to me out of shame. Months of stress and planning down the drain...


2. He Posted An Embarrassing Video On Her Wall

I sang and played a song on guitar and posted it on her facebook wall. This is maybe 8 years ago.
Not only am I not that great a singer, but it ended up on the news feed because, like an idiot, I didn't change the settings to be private (don't even know if that was possible back then), and then didn't take it down for a solid 8 hours.
Kids were merciless at school the next day.


3. He Took Her On A Family Trip For Three Months

Took my high school girlfriend on a family trip to Europe because she kept crying and bugging me about leaving for the whole summer (I went there for 3 month to travel and visit family)
Oh my god... all the head aches, arguing, refusing to go with the plan and throwing random b*tch fits. Needless to say we were broken up a couple weeks after coming back to the US.
What I regret to most of that trip is making my family put up with all that sh*t.


4. He Bought Her A Life-Sized Orlando Bloom Cut-Out.

I once bought a crush a life size standee of Orlando Bloom because she liked Lord of the Rings. Really don't know what in the f*ck I was thinking.


5. He Got Her A Ticket For A Trip She Already Told Him She Didn't Want To Go On

I bought her a ticket to the US before she agreed to come with me. In fact, she'd said "no" already. Twice.
Actually worked out. I asked her one last time and she said she didn't believe I was serious, and that she wouldn't answer until she saw a plane ticket. So I pulled the ticket out of my pocket and handed it to her. We've been married for 13 years.


6. He Agreed To A Three-Day-Long Bus Trip, Instead Of A Four-Hour-Long Flight

As a dumb teenager in high school, I agreed to take a three-day bus trip from Florida to Nevada with my girlfriend (rather than flying, which would have taken 4 hours). I didn’t think about the fact that the bus wouldn’t stop at a hotel overnight so each night was spent trying to sleep while sitting in a bus seat. Of course I then had to repeat the trip on the way home.


7. He Got Her A Designer Bag

Bought her a Luis Vuitton bag for Christmas in November, and gave it to her then. We broke up before December.


8. He Got Her A Car Right Before She Cheated On Him

Bought her a car, she f*cked a bunch of dudes after.
Her car was written off soon after.
The kicker; she asked me to help her buy another one.


9. He Got Her A Dozen Donuts Late At Night

Bought her a dozen donuts at 11pm


10. He Drove In The Middle Of A Hurricane To Hang With Her

Drove through a hurricane to see her. Ultimately married her a year later so it was not a wasted effort.


11. He Went To The Same College As She Did, Even Though He Hated The City

Followed her to college in a city I hate. Broke up towards the end of my junior year so I was pretty much stuck here. Pro tip to high schoolers thinking of following their GF: do what’s best for you, don’t let someone else dictate the next 4 years of your life


12. He Drank Half A Bottle Of NyQuil To Impress Her

Chugged half a bottle of NyQuil for a girl. Not my proudest moment.


13. He Bought A Super Expensive Camera That He Couldn't Afford

The biggest in a series of dumb decisions that I made: Bought a camera that was waaay beyond my spending capacity to impress someone who mentioned that they had the slightest interest in photography.


14. He Recorded Himself Dancing

I've made a video of my dancing to her favourite song and trying to be funny at the same time. I'm a good dancer, but I still feel a bit awkward about it.


15. He Didn't Break Up With Her After She Was Unfaithful

Stayed with her after she cheated. Stayed with her after she sent pics of herself to guys and they'd confront me about it. Stayed with her after my mom and my best friends told me not to. Looked like a buffoon for about 2 years. Lost friends and confidence.
Eh but I loved her, oh well. Never again


Still embarrassed about that one dumb thing you did in the name of love? Here's to hoping this article made you feel better.

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