15 Coronavirus-Themed Bumble Bios To Make The Most Of Social Distancing

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Lucas Ottone, Stocksy

Just because you’re social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t mean your dating life has to come screeching to a halt. Though people shouldn’t be dating in person right now (seriously, just don’t!), online dating conversations and video chats are totally fair game. To stay positive and make the most of this tough time, try these Bumble bio ideas during coronavirus to make your matches smile — and remind them to stay safe and stay home.

1. “Just a quarantined girl, living in a lonely world…” — Journey, and also me

2. Desperately seeking a Netflix Party partner to watch The Office while in quarantine. You in?

3. Purell and chill? (Over FaceTime, obvi.)

4. Since apparently love *is* blind in 2020, I’m looking for the Cameron to my Lauren.

5. I promise I’ll change out of my pajamas for our FaceTime date.

6. “I ask myself what am I doing here? … And I can't wait till we can break up outta here.” — Alessia Cara

7. Hey girl, you free later on? ;) (Same, literally every night rn.)

8. DM me with your favorite hand-washing song, and let’s have a dance party.

9. Yes, I’ve spent the entirety of the last two weeks playing Animal Crossing. Why do you ask?

10. I look really cute over video chat. Just saying. ;)

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11. Quarantine interests include: Doubling down on my Candy Crush skills, cooking breakfast for dinner, and basically living in my fluffy robe.

12. Anyone else basically living off of wine and ice cream lately?

13. Looking for inspo for some quality WFH ‘fits. Please DM with suggestions.

14. Let’s make social distancing sexy.

15. Just try to beat me at online Scrabble. I dare you.

Everyone may be stuck inside right now, but there’s still tons of opportunities to connect with people on dating apps from the comfort of your couch. You might even find that you’re able to get to know someone better because you can’t have physical contact with them for the time being. This is undoubtedly a difficult and unprecedented time, but there’s still potential for joy in it if you know where to look. Stay safe, stay home, and flirt on.

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