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These 15 Texts Are The Perfect Way To Confirm A First Date

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With so many potential matches just one swipe away, actually making plans to meet someone face-to-face can feel like a monumental accomplishment. However, even after you've set a date and time to meet, you want to make sure you're still on at least a few hours before you're set to meet. (If you confirm the day before, even better.) Having some chill texts to send to confirm a first date in your arsenal can help prevent either of you wasting time or energy on a date that isn't going to happen. Here are some example texts that can help you get your plans straight, and make it clear you're excited to hang out.

1. Hey stranger, are we still on for tonight at [insert time here]?

2. Hey [insert their name here], does tomorrow at [insert time here] still work for you?

3. Looking forward to tonight!✨✨✨

4. Hey there, I heard there's a [open mic night/comedy show/event] happening tonight. Since we're both into [comedy/poetry], are you down to switch up our plans?

5. Hey [insert their name here], it looks like I'll definitely be ready for those margaritas tonight. Is [insert time here] still good?

6. If you wanna grab a bite after drinks, a new [fill-in-the-blank] spot just opened up around the corner. We might want to check it out.

7. Be sure to wear your dancing shoes tonight! See you at [insert time here]?🕺💃

8. See you later 🐊 😉.

9. It looks like I'll be running a few minutes late tonight, is it cool if we say [insert time here] instead of eight?

10. See you later! I'll be the cutie in the red sweater.😘

11. Hey there, looking forward to beating you at pool tonight. Are you still up for the challenge? 😉🎱


12. How's your day going? Things have been pretty hectic over here! Definitely looking forward to grabbing those drinks tonight.🍹 😎

13. I hope your day's going well! Are we still on for[insert time here]?

14. Are you still up for some bowling tonight?

15. Hey there, are you still up for grabbing a coffee tomorrow?

Even though it can be a bit nerve-wracking, sending a confirmation text before a first date is never a bad idea. (And no, you won't look "too eager.") As long as you keep the message short and sweet, you can't go wrong.

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