14 Perfect NYC Spring Date Ideas, Because The High Line's Not Gonna Walk Itself

There's plenty to do in New York City – most people are well aware of that. In a city that never sleeps, date activities can be found anytime, anywhere. Now that warm weather is finally upon us, you may be wondering about spring date ideas in New York City. Now, of course there are your typical touristy spots (like a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge or a trip to the Met). But if you want to go beyond that, I rounded up some suggestions that are slightly off the beaten path that are way more likely to impress your date.

Regardless if you're a foodie, jock, beer connoisseur, or theater nerd, there's something for you to find on this list. And that includes more than just Manhattan, too – be sure to explore the other New York boroughs when deciding on a spring activity for you and your date. Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island have more than their fair share of destinations that make for a good time. The following date activities range in price, too, so there's something here for any couple with any budget. Because there's nothing better than falling in love in New York in the springtime.

Buy some Levain Bakery cookies and walk through Central Park.
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Get yourself a couple of Levain Bakery's famous cookies from the Upper West Side (brace yourself for the potential long line outside the store) and walk two avenues east to enjoy the scenery of Central Park. Be sure to bring water and napkins from Levain – the cookies can get messy, fast!

Take the Roosevelt Island tram.

Get a gorgeous view of the city by taking the Roosevelt Island tram, priced at $2.25 per trip, and $4 roundtrip. The tram leaves from 59 Street and Second Avenue roughly every 10 minutes. Once you're at the island, feel free to walk around and see the Blackwell Island Lighthouse, Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park, and the RIVAA art gallery.

Sip and eat on some loopy popsicles at Loopy Doopy.
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If you two want to feel extra classy for an afternoon, make your way over to the Conrad New York Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar. For the Instagram-infamous Loopy Pops, select a "Rosécco" or Prosecco base, then add either Blackberry Sour, Pink Lady Sangria, Strawberry Rose Gin, Pear Ginger Crush, or Blueberry de Cana as your "pop."

Live out drama with "Sleep No More."
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For the perfect nighttime date activity, head over to West 27th Street for an interactive version of Macbeth with Sleep No More. Here, you'll become part of the story and follow actors and dancers as they wordlessly tell the story. Pack light, wear practical walking shoes, and be prepared to have a mask on your face. Get your ticket in advance –they sell out fast.

Take the ferry to Staten Island.

Take a free ride to Staten Island from Manhattan (and back!) on the Staten Island ferry. While on the ride, you'll get a great view of the Statue of Liberty, and it'll take you up to St. George Ferry Terminal. The ferry comes around every 30 minutes on weekends. Once you're on Staten Island, you can swing by Jimmie Steiny's Pub, Hypno-Tronic Comics, Flagship Brewing Company, or Every Thing Goes Book Cafe & Neighborhood Stage.

Sample excellent food at Smorgasburg.
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What can't you get at Smorgasburg? Enjoy Brooklyn's outdoor food market at either Williamsburg on Saturdays or at Prospect Park on Sundays with food offerings like ceviche, grilled cheese, pizza, truffle aioli and parmesan corn, coconuts, cupcakes, burgers, and much, much, more.

Ride on Citi Bikes through a quiet neighborhood like West Village.
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Take advantage of New York's Citi Bike program, which allows you to rent a bike for as low as $3. On a date, you two can grab bikes at any Citi Bike location, and ride through any quiet neighborhood for a more leisurely ride, or use the bikes to get to your next destination.

Learn about nature at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
Photo by Blanca Begert/Courtesy of Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Spend a sunny day out and about in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where you and your date can walk through and see various plants, flowers, and trees on the 52-acre grounds.

Stroll along the High Line then snack at Chelsea Market.
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This old freight line-turned-park with plants, trees, and seating – also known as the High Line – stretches from Ganesvoort Street in the West Village up to West 34th Street in Midtown. It's free to explore, and once you're done, I recommend getting a snack in Chelsea Market (near the southern end of the park) if you need some air conditioning.

Visit the Museum of Sex.
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For the pair that's quite comfortable with one another, go on and visit the Museum of Sex: this museum is exactly what it sounds like – it's documenting and putting on display the history of sexuality. You'll probably enjoy bouncing around the bouncy house of inflated boobs.

Go to a baseball game.
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It's right there in the name of the song, you guys: "Take me out a to the ball game." Baseball games are chill and relaxing in that you can chat with your date, but also get super into the athletic spirit during an exciting inning. Opt to see either the New York Mets in Queens or the New York Yankees in the Bronx.

Try your hand at rock climbing in Long Island City.

If you're both into sporty things, spend a date rock climbing at The Cliffs in Long Island City, Queens. They offer classes for first-time climbers, and ones for more experienced climbers, too. Rent your shoes and harness if you don't have your own.

Do a mini pizza tour of the city.
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Share some pizza, get some walking in – why not? Make your way around some of the best pizza spots in downtown Manhattan: Prince Street Pizza, Emily, Joe's, Artichoke Basille's, and Grimaldi's. Make sure to split a slice if you're hitting up all of these spots!

Drink and relax in the sunshine at Franklin Park in Crown Heights.

If you're digging a low-key and relaxed vibe, check out Franklin Park in Crown Heights, Brooklyn for some good beer out in the courtyard.

Whether you opt for an indoors date, or soak up the sun on a High Line or Central Park stroll, you're bound to have a great time doing any of the above.