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These 14 Justin Bieber Songs Are The Perfect Soundtrack To Falling In Love

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Justin Bieber's latest album, Justice, proves once again what Beliebers have known all along: the Canadian singer definitely knows his way around an epic love song. This time around, Bieber's inspiration came from his own love story with his wife, Hailey, and it shows. While his lyrics have always been pretty mushy and romantic, there's something more heartfelt and earnest this time around that's turned the catchy platitudes into something more honest and more real. All of this makes Justice full of new Justin Bieber songs for when you’re falling in love to add to your already swoon-worthy Spotify list from the singer.

There's just something about a love song when you're falling in love. Suddenly, all the lyrics that might have made your eyes roll in the past just make so much sense. All that yearning, desire, and excitement over the newness of love just resonates. And the beauty of Bieber's music is that it embodies all of that. From My World all the way through to Justice, his albums have explored both the ups and the downs of love. Whether that's the excitement of new loves in "Catching Feelings'' to the fear of vulnerability in "Deserve You" — or even that feeling of wanting nothing more than to be with the person you love most in "2 Much" — Bieber gets it. That's why if you're falling in love right now, you're gonna want to put these tracks on heavy rotation.

“Deserve You” — Justin Bieber

First things first, you deserve love. Period. However, if there are moments when you think you don’t because the person you're falling for is totally amazing, this song totally speaks to those momentary insecurities.

I can tend to hold things back / I need you more than I let you believe I do / 'Cause you could think it might be too much, oh yeah / I don't wanna be my past / Oh, when we kiss, I'm alive and I feel brand new / There's nothing that I want more than us
“Peaches” — Justin Bieber featuring GIVĒON and Daniel Caesar

This one's for those moments when you're longing for and dreaming of your new love’s touch. That may sound a bit corny but, hey, we’ve all been there.

The way I breathe you in (In) / It's the texture of your skin ‘/ I wanna wrap my arms around you, baby / Never let you go, oh / And I say, oh / There's nothing like your touch / It’s the way you lift me up / Yeah, and I'll be right here with you 'til the end of time
“2 Much” — Justin Bieber

This song's all about that feeling during the honeymoon phase where every moment spent away from each other feels more like an eternity.

Don't wanna close my eyes, I'm scared I'll miss too much / Don't wanna fall asleep, I'd rather fall in love / When I can't feel you, I feel out of touch / Two seconds without you's like two months
“As Long As You Love Me” — Justin Bieber featuring Big Sean

Love may not be all you need in a relationship, but it's a really great start. And let's be real, when you're first falling for someone, it sure feels like it's everything.

As long as you love me / We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke / As long as you love me / I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold / As long as you love me, love me
“All That Matters” — Justin Bieber

There's really something magical about finding someone who feels like they're your true other half. The best kind of love is one that not only makes you feel complete (though you're enough even when alone), but makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

You're all that matters to me, yeah yeah / Ain't worried about nobody else / If I ain't with you, I ain't myself / You make me complete
“Anyone” — Justin Bieber

One of the best things about being newly in love is waking up next to your person in the morning, sharing the intimacy and closeness of that moment.

Forever's not enough time to (Oh) / Love you the way that I want (Love you the way that I want) / 'Cause every mornin', I'll find you (Oh) / I fear the day that I don't
“That’s What Love Is” — Justin Bieber

Infatuation is great, but love's even better because it's something deeper. Both lust and infatuation can be part of it, but when you're really in love it's so much more because, as Bieber himself says in this song, you're both a teammate and a blessing in one another's lives.

Like the best of our worlds collide / Never understood what it meant / It meant to submit to love / So beyond what lust is / Hey, it's a blessing that you're in my life / Make me look even better / When we shine, we shine together
“Forever” — Justin Bieber featuring Post Malone and Clever

There's something so thrilling about the thought of forever with the one you love. It’s all possibility and promise of future adventures together.

I promise I'm gonna love you 'til my dying day / Wake up, your face in my chest, your favorite hiding place / The roof is gone as we're driving out the private gate / Countin' the stars with our last name on the license plate
“All Around Me” — Justin Bieber

You know it's real love when your partner becomes your priority and you feel lucky to get to put someone else first.

Never thought I could ever be loyal / To someone other than myself / I never thought I could ever be a spoiler / Guess anything is possible with your help / Anything's possible since you made my heart melt / Gave me the best hand that I'd ever been dealt
“Habitual” — Justin Bieber

The feeling of “I'm yours and you're mine” when you love someone and are loved back can be so powerful it feels like a force of nature.

Our feelings, they go deep, deeper than the touching / Deeper than the ocean, so we ain't never rushing through / Our days or our nights, ain't no repercussions / Never get enough, I'm only for your consumption
“Catching Feelings” — Justin Bieber

There really is magic in the moment when you first start catching feelings for someone. Suddenly, they're living in your head rent-free and you're happy they're there. Everything reminds you of them, and it all just puts a big smile on your face.

Sun comes up on another morning / My mind never wakes up without you on it /And it's crazy to me / I even see you in my dreams / Is this meant to be? / Could this be happening to me, yeah?
“Die In Your Arms” — Justin Bieber

Is anything more dramatic than when you're first falling in love? You’re so caught up in your emotions you could just die. OK, not really, but Bieber gets it.

If I could just die in your arms / I wouldn't mind / Cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms / Ooh, it feels so right / So baby, baby, please don't stop, girl
“U Smile” — Justin Bieber

This song is all about how your new boo can make you melt with something as simple as a smile, and how it makes you want to do anything to see it again. Totally relate.

Your lip's my biggest weakness / Shouldn't have let you know / I'm always gonna do what they say, hey / If you need me, I'll come running from a thousand miles away
“Favorite Girl” — Justin Bieber

Listen, you're a strong, independent person, but it's also totally OK to love the feeling of knowing that you're someone else’s number one.

You're who I'm thinking of / And girl, you ain't my runner-up / And no matter what, you're always number one

Yep, there's a reason Bieber's still at the top of the love song banger game. From day one to day, um, today, he's putting out the hits that truly speak to what it's like to love and be loved.