14 Jughead Memes That Will Give 'Riverdale' Fans All The Feels

Aaron Richter/Contour/Getty Images

Jughead Jones is weird – a self-proclaimed weirdo. He doesn't fit in and he doesn't want to fit in. Have you ever seen him without that stupid hat on? That's weird. Since becoming a meme icon Jughead has delighted audiences with his personal brand of snarky teen angst. After a wild mid-Season 4 finale suggested Jughead's murder, Riverdale fans are desperate to know if he'll stick around to uphold his status as the king of relatable content. These Jughead memes are sure to make Riverdale fans super emotional ahead of Riverdale's return on Feb. 26.

While time jumps throughout the fourth season of Riverdale have alluded to the demise of the Southside Serpent for some time, a few fans are still in the first stage of grief: complete and utter denial.

Others are already donning their clown makeup.

They can't actually get rid of him for good... right?

Bad news fellow South Siders, it turns out F.P. Jones won't be back for Riverdale season 5. Fans can look back fondly on all of those perfectly tender moments shared between father and son.

While some Jughead stans have turned to denial, others are still thirsting after the always angsty, potentially deceased teen.

Other fans can't fathom how Bughead could possibly turn murderous.

If you're keeping a picture of your boyfriend inside of a heart-shaped locket, he's either about to be sent overseas to fight in a war or your a teen on a CW show.

Sleepy Bughead is the best Bughead.

Jughead can't be dead, look how he's holding that baby. The father potential is very real.

Brb, sobbing.

Finally, Archie/Riverdale fans are both wiping away tears thinking back on the bromance of the century.

Riverdale Season 4 will return on Feb. 26 at 8 P.M. ET. Keep a box of tissues close by, Bughead stans.