14 Instagram Captions For Your Sizzlingly Sweet Beach Pictures With Bae

by Annie Foskett

Despite the fact that my Instagram profile says that I have posted 233 photos — plus some now-deleted highly Heffe-filtered 'grams from 2012 when I had three followers — I still have not mastered my "aesthetic." I have posted grainy shots at bars with friends, as well as obnoxiously filtered solo beach 'grams to justify spending $150 on a one-piece. But I have a secret when it comes to the thirsty bathing suit photos: Always come up with a not-so-serious caption to accompany them. Instagram captions for beach photos with your boyfriend or girlfriend must be even less serious, because let's be real: Nobody wants to hear about how in love you are while you are also on a beach. Rude.

There are three rules to crafting an excellent Instagram caption for any couples' picture, whether you are on a beach or on a spaceship: First, always be a little bit self-deprecating. Again, the pride you take in your love is great, but society already tells us that singles are less than, so be gentle. Second, say something relevant to the specific picture you are posting — don't just quote a random Drake song or put a string of pink-hued emojis.

Third, take a page from Nike's book and "just do it." Check out my suggestions below, but write whatever you want to. It's just Instagram. We only live once and spending too much time thinking of a caption so that your ex's cousin and your friends from high school think your life rules is a waste of time. And now, I present some oceanic puns for your perusal.

"I made Joe take this picture with me to justify buying this bathing suit."

Obviously, your boyfriend or girlfriend does not to be named Joe to use this caption, so adjust accordingly. With all the fakery on Instagram, I personally love hearing someone's stream-of-conciousness, transparent AF reasons for posting a picture.

"Staying salty."

This is a particularly good caption for one of those shots where both of you have hair blowing in your faces and the sun is making you squint-grimace. I love a couples' photos where everyone looks miz.

"Resting beach faces."

I think this caption could apply to both a grumpy couples' picture like the aforementioned "the sun is blinding me" kind, or could be added to a photo of you and your person lounging with drinks looking truly rested.

"Just out here trying to make you jealous."

This caption is great for a weekday jaunt to the beach when everyone else is stuck at work. It's also great for a trip to Hawaii. Being a jerk is fun sometimes!

"[Beach emoji] [Peach emoji] [The letter 'S']"
Kimmy Foskett

Which translates as "beach bums," and if your followers don't get that, good riddance. This is much more interesting than simply putting the palm tree emoji under your photo.


Say no more, you're on a beach with your cutie. We get it. Keep it simple.

"This looks like fun, but we both have sand in our bums."

Again, I love a blazingly honest Instagram caption, and even if you don't happen to have sand in your bum, you can always add another true statement such as, "we're both hungover, " or, "we need a snack."

"We both want all of our exes to know how happy we are on vacation, so we posted this."

This is some sassy realness and I enjoy it. Take it or leave it.

"Brought to you by SPF 5."

This is a good one for that selfie of you and your partner looking all red-faced from the sun all day. Oops. (But also, please wear sunscreen! It's important.)

"Shellebrating the fact that I found someone to put up with me."

This is a good one for an anniversary, or any celebration. It has a good balance between dumb pun and self-deprecation. I approve.

"Exceeding the superfishcial bathing suit pic quota."

This is a good caption for those of you (like me) who already have a couple of bathing suit pictures on your feed. Plus, I added a pun. You can take that or leave it.

"Plenty of fish in the sea, but I caught this one for now."

Salty with a side of sweetness, this is a great caption to ensure that that supremely adorable picture of you and bae won't come across as too annoying.

"A picture is worth a thouSAND words, but all we could come up with was this sad pun."

This could apply to any beach photo. It's a little bit meta while also being dumb and I like that. Instagram is for fun! Don't stress it. Enjoy your beach. And your bae.