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13 Songs To Listen To After A Bad Date That’ll Help You Stay Positive


Few events have the power to rob someone of their positive energy as quickly as going on a mediocre date. Maybe you knew within the first few minutes of meeting them that you weren't a match. Or perhaps it was a sneak attack, and things started well, but took a nosedive soon after. Either way, the good news is there are plenty of songs to listen to after a bad date that will help bring you back to life ASAP. Even if you've been on a string of back-to-back cringeworthy outings, it's important to remember that what you're experiencing is normal.

According to online dating coach and relationship expert Damona Hoffman, the best way to approach dating is to keep in mind there are plenty of good matches waiting for you. However, it may take a little patience to find them. "There are many possible compatible partners out there," Hoffman previously told Elite Daily. "It's like you're looking for a cute outfit on the clothing rack. You have to try on a few options, but if you want to take something home, you will find a good fit if you just spend a little time figuring out what works." So, if you've just finished a less than successful evening of going through a metaphorical rack of "meh" outfits (i.e: your "meh" date), here are some perfect songs to dance away the bad vibes.

"No Scrubs" — TLC

No post-date detox playlist would be complete without this classic gem that keeps on giving. This is the perfect reminder that you should never settle for anything less than what you know you need.

"Juice" — Lizzo

Trust me, this feel-good song by Lizzo has the power to cure all the bad-date energy that's killing your joy. By morning, you won't even remember their name.

"thank u, next" — Ariana Grande

Even though finding love can feel like a marathon, don't fret. There's a never-ending supply of new people to meet, many of which you'd be compatible with. So, just keep it moving.

"Alaska" — Maggie Rogers

If a disastrous date has left you feeling down, this song is the perfect burst of energy that will revitalize and refresh your soul.

"Dancing On My Own" — Robyn

This inspirational anthem may straddle the line between happy and sad, but in the end, it's such a good song. Remember, you don't need anyone to dance with but your bad self.

"Girl On Fire" — Alicia Keys

Alicia Key's special brand of empowering tunes are clutch. Never forget that you are a flaming sun ray of beauty and grace.

"Your Song" — Rita Ora

I have been known to listen to this song on repeat whenever I need a boost. All I can say is it's infectious and addicting, so proceed with caution.

"Independent Women" — Destiny's Child

This juicy throwback is the perfect bad-date elixir. I mean, how can you feel even a tiny bit sad while listening to these children of destiny do what they do best?

"Sorry Not Sorry" — Demi Lovato

At the end of the day, all you can do after a romantic disappointment is hope that one day you'll run into them while living your best life and not even remember their name. Demi captures this feeling perfectly.

"Nice For What" — Drake

No one should have the power to steal your glow. Luckily, Drake will make sure you get it back promptly.

"Motivation" — Normani

No matter how discouraged you're feeling about your love life, it's important to stay positive and focus on all the valuable lessons you've learned. Thankfully, Normani is here to help.

"Gold" — Kiiara

Sometimes, feeling a little extra fly on your way home can be helpful. This song will have you strutting down the street like the queen that you are.

"Dog Days Are Over" — Florence + The Machine

This is the ultimate track to whip out of your back pocket when you need to refocus on the exciting future to come. You've left the bar, the clouds have parted, and tomorrow is a new day.

Although it's normal to feel a little deflated after a date that didn't go well, listening to a few feel-good songs is a great way to leave the bad vibes where they belong: in the past.