13 Latinx Artists On Etsy Making Prints & Cute Goods You'll Want In Your Space

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Choosing artwork for your walls is an instant way to make a house feel like a home. Especially when you shop at a boutique gallery or one of these crafty Latinx artist-owned shops on Etsy, your artwork will seem as though it was specifically designed for you. Whether you've lived in your space for a long time, or recently moved and are ready to decorate, it's always a good time to build up your art collection.

Start by reassessing what you have, and donate pieces you no longer want. Then, bring some of the talents of these amazing Latinx artists into your home through stunning art prints and paintings. Put a canvas with a candy heart from LaCatrinitaCrafts on your shelves next to a romance novel, or place a Frida Kahlo-inspired pot from Lysssuccs with a lush plant in it on your desk next to your steaming latte.

There are so many extraordinary Latinx artists on Etsy, and getting inspired by the 13 creators below will be the perfect kickstart for your decorating journey. Whenever you're ready to add even more to your art collection, continue to support artists from the Latinx community by exploring the many other eye-catching Etsy shops.

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Look no further than ArtbyAnnaAlvarado's vibrant art prints to dress up your walls with images of powerful women boldly holding up their fists or showcasing delicate flowers adorning their hair. Each creation has a bright color palette of reds, blues, greens, and/or yellows, and comes in multiple sizes for just the right fit for your space.


LenadelSolPhoto has a whole mix of goods, including limited edition photography of Puerto Rico and paintings of delicious, tropical fruit. There's also a set of hanging wall art that can be seen in the background of Netflix's new series Julie and the Phantoms, which was released on Sept. 10, 2020 and stars a Boricua lead.

If you have a large wall space, check out the panoramic-style wall art, also created by owner and artist Lena del Sol Langaigne, featuring Puerto Rican women twirling their dresses while dancing to live music. Each piece is undeniably vibrant and will instantly lift your spirits.


The intricate details of SalConLimon's art prints make them mesmerizing, must-have additions to your home. The tropical flowers and twisting leaves appear as though they're 3D. Pick one up and put it in a lovely wooden frame that'll highlight Etsy shop owner and artist Diana Corredin's work.


Manuela Guillén, the Cuban and Salvadoran artist and seller behind LazyBeamArte, is a master at pairing warm shades of brown, green, purple, and yellow in her prints, stickers, buttons, and postcards. When scrolling through Guillén's shop, you'll notice many art prints have meaningful messages, such as "No Justice, No Peace" and "My Body is Beautiful."


If the aesthetic of your decor is more minimalistic, this Latinx artist on Etsy will catch your attention. Minerva Tejeda-Patiño of LaSirenaShop creates posters with vintage, postcard-style landscapes and silhouettes of Latinx women. Her "Hermanas" ("Sisters") poster, in particular, features a pair of siblings doing their hair together. It would be a lovely addition to any home, or a stunning gift for your own sister.


Fill the tiny corners of your space with eye-catching, Mexican-inspired canvases from LaCatrinitaCrafts. Not only will these painted candy hearts give you heart eyes, but the wooden butterfly magnets and clay avocado earrings in this shop will as well. In addition, you'll likely adore the handwritten note that comes with the goods you order from this seller.


If your walls are already decorated with a mix of prints from various sellers, then you'll love LaChiquitaStudio's one-of-a-kind doormats. Each is hand-painted in artist Jess' studio. You can purchase one with a cute sloth on it, or a phrase written in Spanish such as "amor y paz," which means "love and peace." Whichever one you choose will surely make your visitors smile.


Display your plants in one of these hand-painted pots from Lysssuccs. This seller will transform a traditional pot into a beautiful image of famed Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, or a personalized one of your pet. Shop owner and artist Alyssa Diaz-Tucker also sells her succulent designs in sticker form and customizable pet portraits that are absolutely paw-fect.


Lotería cards — or Mexican Bingo-style cards — come to life in the IndieDarlingsLLC shop. Each art print is a larger version of a Bingo card, digitally designed by artist Clare Monroe. They each highlight a different type of creative, from the podcaster, to the videographer, to the writer. You can also purchase one in mug or fabric face mask form.


Prints, pins, patches, postcards — GildedNopal offers it all. The shop was named in the spirit of nopal, also known as prickly pear cactus, which is a Mexican sign for strength. Strength and beauty can be seen in every piece in this Etsy shop, including the array of prints calling for justice and totes featuring skulls that you'll want to hang on a hook in your entryway.


Diego Lopez, owner and creator behind LaMuerteBella — which translates to "the beautiful death" — uses the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead as inspiration for his work. With each print or sticker he sells, he reimagines what a public figure like Frida Kahlo or Bad Bunny would look like if they were turned into a calavera, the skull figure omnipresent during Día de Muertos. If you want to wear his work, he also sells his bold and lively designs on T-shirts.


CortezMadeCo is a one-stop shop for sassy and stunning art. You can have artist Danielle Cortez commission a portrait for you of someone you love, or you can shop one of her illustrated prints or cards and display them in your space. Some have an English or Spanish quote on them, while others feature an inspiring portrait of the late famed Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Display them in a frame or on a cute clipboard as the shop owner shows.


Jacqueline Carvajal Ramirez's digital illustrations have a Bohemian feel to them. These prints celebrate the diversity of the Latinx and Afro-Latinx experience. You can add one of these prints to your home, or choose one that features geometric shapes and squiggly lines, as if they're an interpretation of a river running through a desert.


MalaHora's work is quirky and colorful, which is exactly why you need it in your home ASAP. The mixed media prints may remind you of the inside of a tattoo parlor, or pages you've seen inside a vintage coffee table book. You will have a difficult time choosing which items to buy, but the mini print pack lets you experience a variety of Xicanx artist Mala Hora's work all in one purchase.

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