12 Necklaces To Propose With If Rings Aren’t Your Partner’s Thing

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Making the decision to propose to your partner might feel like a natural choice. Selecting the item you’ll propose to them with? This can be a little more complicated. When choosing a piece of jewelry to give your partner, you want something that signifies your lifelong commitment and suits their unique sense of style. Traditionally, you might pick out an engagement ring — but rings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and they’re not your only option. If your partner prefers other jewelry, consider proposing with a necklace instead.

According to The Knot’s 2019 Jewelry & Engagement Study, 4% of couples choose not to exchange rings at their proposal. This could be for a variety of reasons — from the cost (the average engagement ring costs $5,900) to simply a matter of personal preference. By selecting a piece of jewelry that feels more authentic to your partner’s taste, you’re giving them something they will love to wear for years and decades to come. And ultimately, that’s more important than sticking with tradition.

These 11 necklaces span several different styles and price points, but any one of them would make a fabulous choice for a proposal. Plus, they’re all timeless, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Mejuri Diamond Necklace

This simple round-cut diamond pendant is made with 14K solid gold, and the diamond is ethically sourced from a conflict-free supplier. It’s a delicate piece that still makes a major statement, and it looks great layered with other dainty necklaces if you want to purchase a few.

Diamond Solitaire Pendant

Select your own diamond sizing for this necklace — Blue Nile lets you choose anything from ¼ carat to one carat, depending on your budget. It also comes in white or yellow gold. It’s a glamorous piece that will definitely attract attention.

Tiffany Infinity Pendant

Not feeling a diamond? This Tiffany pendant has an infinity design that perfectly captures your commitment to forever with your love. It also comes with a double chain to symbolize your union.

Ring Holder Necklace

If you do want to get a ring, but your partner wants to wear it differently, consider buying this pendant alongside it so they can display the ring around their neck. It’s designed to make the ring look like an integral part of the necklace design.

Engravable Bar Necklace

For a personal touch, get this simple bar necklace and engrave it with your partner’s new initials, the date or your engagement, or another day or word that means something to you. You could even write the GPS coordinates of the place you first met.

Moissanite Solitaire Pendant

Moissanite is a natural stone that looks almost exactly like a diamond, but for a fraction of the price. Plus, it has an even higher refractive index than diamonds do, which makes it more sparkly.

Mother Of Pearl Locket

Mother of pearl is thought to symbolize good luck and prosperity, and what better energy to bring into your new life together? This locket can be customized with a personal photograph and engraving of your choice.

Two-Initial Necklace

Another dainty option is this asymmetrical piece from Los Angeles jeweler Zoe Lev. You can choose two initials (you and your partner’s names, perhaps?) or three (if you want to include an initial for the last name you’ll share).

Engravable Diamond Disc Pendant

This small 14K yellow gold disc is surrounded by a halo of pavé diamonds. It can be engraved with the cursive initial of your partner’s new last name, if they’re choosing to change it.

Diamond Letter Necklace

This tiny letter necklace is inlaid with pavé diamonds and comes in white, yellow, or rose gold. It also looks lovely layered with a simple diamond pendant.

Moissanite Necklace With Diamond Halo

This necklace combines a large 0.35 carat moissanite central stone with tiny diamonds around the halo. There's also a miniature bow detail for an unconventional touch.

Opera Diamond Pendant

If you’re looking for opulence, this pear-shaped diamond pendant is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, for a total weight of ½ carats. It definitely brings the luxury and drama without compromising classic elegance.

Proposing with a necklace is a special way to honor your partner’s preferences and break tradition ever so slightly — while still investing in a beautiful piece of jewelry. Trust your intuition (and ask for their help if you'd like) to choose a piece that signifies the new journey you're about to start together.

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