11 Women Reveal Their Partners' Grossest Habits & OMG, I'm Gagging


Love comes in many forms, but I believe one of the clearest indicators of true love is the ability to stomach your partner's grossest habits and still think they're the sexiest person in the world. I mean, if you can watch someone squeeze blackheads out of their pores and pluck stray hairs from goodness knows where, and you still want to kiss them every morning and night, wow. It is love.

I also have a theory that — while everyone has their own bizarre, private rituals and habits — there is always one person in a relationship who is substantially grosser than their counterpart. And truth be told, I think I've taken that prize in most of my relationships. I snore and drool when I sleep, have rarely (if ever) finished a meal without getting food on my face or clothing, and — to quote my ex — kissing me in the morning is "the equivalent of sticking your mouth into cat litter." Take a number, gents.

On the flip side, my boyfriends have had their fair share of disgusting habits as well, from asking me to peel their sunburnt skin off in sheets (OK, that one was surprisingly satisfying) to leaving sweaty, smelly gym clothes in their car for weeks at a time (no satisfaction in that one).

After chatting with 11 women, many confessed that they probably had grosser habits than their SOs... But they still had plenty to say about their boyfriends' and girlfriends' unbecoming behavior. And let me tell 'ya, after reading a few of these, I'm feeling a whole lot better about my drooling. Read at your own risk.

I'm glad she was able to turn this around.

—Meredith*, 24

Maybe this fellow could use a shampoo bar, too?

—Danielle, 23

*Gags some more*

—Daniela*, 24

Olive you, but ew.

—Meghan, 24

(TBH, I do this, too.)

—Margot*, 25

I feel like this gentleman (using that term loosely) needs to see a dermatologist?


Somebody get this boy some tweezers.

—Tori, 24

Pro tip: Don't mop your sweat up with table items.

—Carrie*, 25

Praying this woman never mistook these bottles for apple juice.


At least it's not pickle juice, right?

—Alice, 25

Hope she's into hawks.

—Katie, 25

Feeling better about your own gross, secret habits? Same.

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*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.